Phil’s Phantastic Photo Phield Phun – Wachusett and Moore

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Once again Phil the N did not disappoint with a well-planned photo excursion to the Wachusett area of MA. There were photo ops in Clinton, West Boylston, Paxton, and Northborough. We had ample time at each stop to work the scene. Even though Mother Nature did not cooperate with some clouds to break up the clear blue sky, we had a great day!


Thanks Phil for all you do on these excursions!


Here is a sample of each stop. By clicking on the location you can view more images from there. . .


Wachusett Aqueduct

“Wachusett Aqueduct” – Phil N.


“Wachusett Starburst” – Carl A.










Wachusett Dam

“Wachusett Dam” – Sherri V.


“Wachusett Rainbow” – Carl a.,










Old Stone Church

“Old Stone Church Foliage” – Joe K.

“Old Stone Church Interior” – Carl A.










Grist Mill, Moore State Park

“Grist Mill” – Bernie C.


“Broken Window” – Joe K.











Candid Shots

“Setting up the Scene” – Phil the N.


“Jockeying for Position” – Joe K.











“Heron” – Kar


“Odes” – Carl A.