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2016 Ocean State International Salon

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As I mentioned we did have an excellent turnout from our membership with almost half entering!


Here are some of those Accepted images. . .


Carl’s “You Are Going Down!

"You Are Going Down" - Carl A.

“You Are Going Down” – Carl A.



Rick’s “Green Heron at Rest

"Perched Green Heron" - Rick A.

“Perched Green Heron” – Rick A.



Bernie’s “Barn Owl” and “Snowy Egret”

"Barn Owl" - Bernie C.

“Barn Owl” – Bernie

"Snowy Rgret"

“Snowy Rgret”











Ruth’s “Nine Sheep”


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth L.

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth L.


Kathy’s “Harbor Cruise”


"N. Y. Harbor" - Kathy E.

“N. Y. Harbor” – Kathy E.


Phil H.’s “Alison

"Alison" - Phil H.

“Alison” – Phil H.



Pat I.’s “Erla”


"Erla" Pat I.

“Erla” Pat I.


Joe’s “Enriched Sunflower”

"Enriched Sunflower - Joe"

“Enriched Sunflower – Joe”


Mariann’s “The Potter’s Hands

"Potter's Hands" - Mariann

“Potter’s Hands” – Mariann


Phil N.’s “Under the Zakim”

"Under the Zakim's Tower" - Phil N. Class B

“Under the Zakim’s Tower” – Phil N.


Ron’s “Grey Seal”

"Grey Seal" - Ron

“Grey Seal” – Ron


Jeff T.’s “Joey”

"Joey" - Jef T.

“Joey” – Jef T.



Jim’s “Blue Dasher

"Blue Dasher" - Jim

“Blue Dasher” – Jim




Number Ten for Jim!

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Green Eagle Award W


In the American Portfolios, the Commentator awards “Green Eagles” to members for particularly fine prints. Prints receiving Green Eagles are then eligible for the annual Green Eagle Contest. There are two separate contests, one for monochrome prints and the other for color prints.


Winning prints from this contest receive medals and ribbons and are exhibited at the PSA Annual Conference.


Jim has been awarded his tenth Green Eagle Award from the PSA


Congrats, Jim


Making HDP Proud!

Ron, “Master of the Media”

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If you have sat through competition night or an evening of image study, you are aware of Ron’s imagery. Whether it is some astrophysical picture or something processed in sepia tone, Ron has impressed us. For me, the fun part is hearing the story behind the capture and /or his decision to use monochrome or sepia.


"Golden Spike - Ron Reynolds"

“Golden Spike – Ron Reynolds”


You may remember Ron offered to build us a box to hold our prints for the library exhibits. Did I say a box? Sorry, Ron NEVER does anything as simple as a box. Our print case had inserts to keep its holdings upright with a minimum of frame damage. He then crafted a top the sealed the contents. Oh, the lid has a cord to keep it from going too far back – cord as opposed to a chain as he was concerned that the chain could mar the contents. As a finishing touch, he stenciled the box with “HDP!” 


New Print Collection Box


Ron’s been dabbling in wood turning as well. One of his creations was accepted by the Fuller Craft Museum’s recent exhibit.


“Men’s Razor and Stand”




Well done, Ron!




Jeff W’s Reflections

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"Reflections in Cambridge"

“Reflections in Cambridge”


1. opened in lightroom made a few adjustments  used adjustment brush to work on shadow…crop..clarity… sharpen

2. topaz impressions… colored pencil 1 opened up and made adjustments…brough it down to 50% when opened it is 100% i like to take it down anywhere from 50 to 70%   made a few more adjustments vignette where I wanted the light to be plus a few more

3. opened in topaz texture used dingy cream texture adjusted it till I liked it



Hope that helps!    Jeff


Looks like Topaz is another must-have plug-in!