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2016 / 2017 Competition Results

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Member                              Wildlife  



B&W Non-Wildlife Portrait Arch.   Total  
Albro, Carl  15/13 28 pts. 2nd 
Alvarnaz, Rick  15/14  29 pts. 1st 
Bannerman, Pat  DNS  
Creswick, Bernie  12/12  24 pts. 
Gaudette, Deedee 14/11  25 pts.  
Holt, Phil 12/11   23 pts. 
Kennedy, Joe 12/DQ   12 pts. 
Langlan, Ruth 14/12  26 pts.  3rd
Morse, George  DNS  
Nardozzi, Phil 12/12  24 pts.  
Reynolds, Rich 15/13   28 pts. 2nd
Reynolds, Ron 13/11   24 pts. 
Turner, Jeff  DNS  
Weidenfeller, Jim 13/12  25 pts.  
Weinstein, Jeff DNS   
Class B          
Bandlow, Al 12/10  22 pts. 
Bastarache, Bob DNS   
Best, Ellen 12  12 pts.   
Carlson, Laura 15/14  29 pts.  1st
Evans, Kathy 14/11  25 pts.  
Healy, Joyce DNS  
Hedlund, Ron DNS  
Hinds, Rich DNS  
Illsley, Pat 11/11  22 pts.  
Koski, Mike DNS   
LaCivita, Dave 13   13 pts. 
Lee, David 15/11   26 pts. 3rd
Lemire, Judy 13/12   25 pts. 
Lyons, Lynne 13/10   23 pts. 
MacDonald, Jac 13   13 pts. 
MacDonald, Marian DNS   
Moberg, Mariann 14/14   28 pts. 2nd
Sheputa, Frank DNS   
Silva, Gail 13/12  25 pts.  
Slazas, Paul  DNS  
Spyropoulos, Steph 12  12 pts.  
Thomas, Lena DNS   
Vallie, Sherri  12/11 23 pts.  
DNS – Did Not Submit

Fall 2016 Audubon Cover

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The Fall 2016 Audubon cover will feature an image from Ron Reynolds! He was modest in not telling us just how many others images were being considered – best guess several hundred!




Continuing to make HDP proud. .  .


“Plymouth after Dark”

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Architectural judge, Lisa Ryan offered to lead a night shoot in downtown Plymouth. About seven members signed up for the evening tour around America’s Hometown!


Here are some of shots that were sent to me – thanks Bernie, Lynne, and Joe

Bernie’s Imagery














Lynne’s Submissions
















Joe’s Gems

"The Sherri Swirl"

“The Sherri Swirl”


"North Street Bokstore"

“North Street Bookstore”

"Teddy Bear and the Packie"

“Teddy Bear and the Packie”












"Nightie Night!"

“Nightie Night!”



MIT Night Shoot

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Sherri offered to lead anyone interested to a night shoot at MIT. Our destination was the iconic Strata Buildings on Vassar Street.

I have seen many images from here but have never had the opportunity to actually capture them on my own. So Jeff the W., Kathy, Ruth, Sherri, and I met and spent the next two hours walking in and around the complex.

Here are more images from Ruth and me. . .


MIT at Night II - Ruth

MIT at Night II – Ruth


Street View by the Garage - Ruth

Street View by the Garage – Ruth








MIT Stairwell - Joe

MIT Stairwell – Joe




Stairwell II - Joe

Stairwell II – Joe












Stirway to the Sky - Ruth

Stairway to the Sky – Ruth

Strata Complex Rear View - Joe

Strata Complex Rear View – Joe









Street Level - Ruth

Street Level – Ruth