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Boston’s South Station

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Mariann worked her magic and secured permission for us to shoot the iconic train station. After a lengthy behind the scenes tour with Richard, we were left to explore the area on our own.


It’s always interesting to see the various focal points people take on the same shoot. Some captured the people, others the trains, and a few the architecture. Then the post-processing brought these images into a new life.


For a start Mariann’s contact person, Holly wants to feature our images on their website.


Here is what what saw that day. . .

South Station Activity


"The People" - Ruth

“The People” – Ruth


"Focal Point" Bernie

“Focal Point” Bernie


"Now Arriving" - Ruth

“Now Arriving” – Ruth











"That's My Train!" - Bernie

“That’s My Train!” – Bernie




"Train to Catch" - Phil N.

“Train to Catch” – Phil N.










"Keeping Pace" - Phil N.

“Keeping Pace” – Phil N.



"Queuing Up" - Bernie

“Queuing Up” – Bernie










"On Schedule" - Phil H.

“On Schedule” – Phil H.





"The Express" - Joe

“The Express” – Joe












"Going Home" - Phil N.

“Going Home” – Phil N.



"Commuter Car" - Joe

“Commuter Car” – Joe



"The T" - Phil H.

“The T” – Phil H.


Last Call – All Aboard!


"Terminal Straggler" - Kathy

“Terminal Straggler” – Kathy



"Acela Bar Closed" - Sherri

“Acela Bar Closed” – Sherri



"Acela Lounge Empty" - Sherri

“Acela Lounge Empty” – Sherri












"Platform 4 / 5 Cleared" - Joe

“Platform 4 / 5 Cleared” – Joe




"Another Day Is Done!" - Sherri

“Another Day Is Done!” – Sherri














The Architecture of South Station


"Platform 4 and 5" - Phil H.

“Platform 4 and 5″ – Phil H.



"South Station Pillars" - Ruth

“South Station Pillars” – Ruth




"Supporting Beams" - Phil N.

“Supporting Beams” – Phil N.










"Historic South Station" - Kathy

“Historic South Station” – Kathy





"Summer Street Entrance"

“Summer Street Entrance” – Pat I.





NECCC Fall Competition Results

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This year we rejoined the NECCC Inter-club Competition where we are considered a Class B club. There are about twenty-five other photo organizations throughout New England involved in both the Nature and Pictorial (Open) competitions.


Our four (4) submitted images are selected by our Competition Committee from among the top finishers in previous competitions – Nature and/or Assigned. NECCC has a steadfast rule in that no one maker can have more than one image entered. So, at times there may be an image scoring higher by our committee but not submitted as the maker had another already being considered.


The results are in for the Fall Competition


NECCC Fall Pictorial Competition


Hockomock Digital                2nd Place                           92 pts.

Douillette, Ruth                            Nine Sheep                          23 HM

Holt, Phil                                        Rachael                               22 HM

Kennedy, Joe                                 Scotty’s Spiral                   25 HM

Moberg, Mariann                         Memorial Day                   22 HM


All of our four submissions were awarded a Honorable Mention! 


Here are the images we chose to represent HDP:

"Scotty's Spiral" - Joe

“Scotty’s Spiral” – Joe



"Rachel" - Phil H.

“Rachel” – Phil H.


"Memorial Day" - Mariann

“Memorial Day” – Mariann


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth




Oxford Greens 97                                                       1st 97

Hockomock Digital 92                                     2nd 92

Westfield 90                                                               3rd 90


Cape Cod Art Association 89 

Quiet Corner 88

Upper Cape 87

Millford 85  

Simsbury 85

Berkshire Museum 84 

Eastern Maine 83  

NE Shutterbugs 82

Seacoast 80

Wallingford 80

Canton 78

FallRiver 78

Seven Hills 77

South Eastern CT 76

Whaling City 76

Lakes Region 74 

Monadnock 73

Shooters Photo Group 73

Brattleboro 71

Housatonic 71

Pioneer Valley 71 



NECCC Fall Nature Competition

Hockomock Digital        6th Place                                           82 pts.

Albro, Carl                          Eagle With Fish                                    24 HM

Alvarnaz, Rick                   Tiger Swallowtail                                  22 HM

Creswick, Bernie               Ready To Pounce                                 22 HM

Holt, Phil                            Bee Feeding                                          14


Here are the images we chose to represent HDP:


"Eagle with Fish" - Carl

“Eagle with Fish” – Carl


"Ready to Pounce" - Bernie

“Ready to Pounce” – Bernie



"Tiger Swallowtail" - Rick

“Tiger Swallowtail” – Rick


"Bee Feeding" Phil H.

“Bee Feeding” Phil H.



Manchester 92                                              1st 92

Upper Cape 88                                              2nd 88

Oxford Greens 87                                         3rd 87

Quiet Corner 83

Westfield 83

Flagpole 82

Hockomock Digital                               6th 82

Monadnock 82

Candlewood 81

Southeastern CT 79

Shooters Photo Group 78

Berkshire Museum 76  

Cape Cod Art Association 76  

Fall River 76

NE Shutterbugs 76  

Seacoast 76  

Housatonic 74

Whaling City 72

Eastern Maine 71

Lakes Region 70  

Brattleboro 69  

Pioneer Valley 68  

Photographers Forum 63  

Springfield 62

Seven Hills 57 


“Phil’s Phantastic Phield Trip 2.5″ – Haul of Fame

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Once again members of HDP were treated to a well-planned photo shoot with Phil the N. Back in the spring he had organized a trek around three waterfalls and prior to that there was a quick trip to an abandoned farmhouse in southeastern Massachusetts (this is the .5 trip).


Phil does his homework by heading to these spots before the group arrives. He carefully notes the spots that will provide the best photo-ops for the group while mentioning it may not be fore everyone – he has yet to disappoint any of us!


This last shoot was in northeastern Connecticut at a graveyard for abandoned working vehicles. Strewn around the property were trucks from the past ninety years; construction machines rusting away in the underbrush; and buses that now see their heydays in their rearview mirrors. Amid all of this rusty metal is a large building housing numerous restored vehicles – all shiny and bright. The proprietors of this Museum of the Haul of Fame were more than gracious with their time. They were readily available to point out the particulars of one of their antiques. A special tip of the lens cap to Dave Rossi who could not have been more generous with his collection.


Those Attending

Bernie, Joe, Ellen K., Jim, Ellen, Phil the N., and Phil the H.

Bernie, Joe, Ellen K., Jim, Ellen, Phil the N., and Phil H.




Early Processed Images


Bernie’s Results 

"Trucking It" - Bernie

“Trucking It”



"Trucking II" - Bernie

“Trucking  II”












"Canned Nuts" - Bernie

“Canned Nuts”


 Jim’s Picks

"Rusted Out" - Jim

“Rusted Out”


"Tightly Cropped"

“Tightly Cropped”
















Ellen K. (Guest Photographer)


"Fireman's Gear"

“Fireman’s Gear”


"Front Fender"

“Front Fender”


Joe’s Processed 

"1920s Mack Truck"

“1920s Mack Truck”


"Mack Diesel Emblem"

“Mack Diesel Emblem”


"Season's Greetings!"

“Season’s Greetings!”



Phil the N. Trip Organizer 

"Gearing Up"

“Gearing Up”


"Rusted Out"

“Rusted Out”










"Busing in CT"

“Busing in CT”





"Solar Glare"

“Solar Glare”














Phil H. Captures

Looks Like the 60's"

Looks Like the 60′s”


"Nature Shot" (Complete with a Story!)

“Nature Shot”
(Complete with a Story!)