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Rick Alvarnaz Honored by MA Audubon

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Rick’s  ”Red-breasted Nuthatch” took away an honorable mention from the judges at this year’s MA Audubon Photo contest. Along with the award came a $50 gift card to the Audubon store! Rick will put that to good use there.


Congrats, Rick and thanks for making HDP proud!


“Red-breasted Nuthatch”

Red Breasted Nuthatch Rick

Ron Reynolds and the Bridgewater Review

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"Lake Harriet"

“Lake Harriet”


The HDP Musings of 12/7 had a link to Ron’s photo essay in BSU’s Bridgewater Review. Here is a brief overview and some of his images - 

Ron’s “PhotoEssay: The Other Las Vegas” took the reader beyond all the glitz and glamor of the Strip and into the scenic surroundings. His imagery and descriptive comments gave us such local sites as “Lake Harriet,” “Hoover Dam,” and “Red Rock Canyon.” Over the years Ron has earned club acknowledgments and awards for his impressive landscapes. His photo essay adds to that distinction.

Here is the link again:


"Hoover Dam at Night"

“Hoover Dam at Night”


Continuing to make HDP proud. . .


More HDP Holiday Merriment

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Thanks to Ron, Jim, and Joe for their images gracing these pages!


"Happy HDP Holiday!"

“Happy HDP Holiday!”



















"Ed and Cindy"

“Ed and Cindy”











"Gail, Kathy, Ruth, and Mike"

“Gail, Kathy, Ruth, and Mike”








"Ellen, Al, Bernie, and Bob"

“Ellen, Al, Bernie, and B























"Carl, Mike, and Jeff"

“Carl, Mike, and Jeff”