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Class A Assigned

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Here are the images from 2013 – 2014 that judge, Andre Bourque singled out. Assigned categories for this year were portraiture, nature, monochromatic, and architecture.


Class A  Assigned

First Place

"Abandonment" - Jeff Turner

“Abandonment” – Jeff Turner


"Fresh Catch" - Rich Reynolds

“Fresh Catch” – Rich Reynolds


"Vicky" - Ron Reynolds

“Vicky” – Ron Reynolds



Second Place

"Forgotten Pottery" - Jeremie Doucette

“Forgotten Pottery” – Jeremie Doucette


"Grey Seal" - Ron Reynolds

“Grey Seal” – Ron Reynolds


"Harris Hawk on Cactus" - Rick Alvarnaz

“Harris Hawk on Cactus” – Rick Alvarnaz


"MIT" - Rich Reynolds

“MIT” – Rich Reynolds


"Mate Arriving" - Carl Albro

“Mate Arriving” – Carl Albro



Third Place

"Heart and Handle" - Phil Holt

“Heart and Handle” – Phil Holt



"Wondering" - Jim Weidenfeller

“Wondering” – Jim Weidenfeller






Images of the Year – Class B

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Congratulations to all who submitted images this year! Here are the images deemed worthy of recognition by Andre Bourque.

Class B Open

First Place


"Bluebird Family" - Bernie Creswick

“Bluebird Family” – Bernie Creswick


"Prince Charming" - Ruth Douillette

“Prince Charming” – DonnaBemis


"My Walker and I" - Lena Thomas

“My Walker and I” – Lena Thomas


"Toby on a Rainy Day" - Ruth Douillette

“Toby on a Rainy Day” – Ruth Douillette


Second Place

"Big Horn Sheep" - Bob Kniffen

“Big Horn Sheep” – Bob Kniffen


"Bridge at Night" - Jeff Weinstein

“Bridge at Night” – Jeff Weinstein


"Brookgreen Garden Butterfly" - David Kenney

“Brookgreen Garden Butterfly” – David Kenney


"Fanny's Tender Moment" - Deedee Gaudette

“Fanny’s Tender Moment” – Deedee Gaudette


"Gecko" - Ruth Douillette

“Gecko” – Ruth Douillette


"Leave Your Shoes Here" - Kathy Kenney

“Leave Your Shoes Here” – Kathy Kenney


"Osprey Catching Fish" - Ralph Stephens

“Osprey Catching Fish” – Ralph Stephens


"Reaching out to the Canyon" - Gail Salguero

“Reaching out to the Canyon” – Gail Salguero



Third Place



"Angel in the Wings" - Pat Illsley

“Angel in the Wings” – Pat Illsley


"Butterfly on Chives" - Bob Kniffen

“Butterfly on Chives” – Bob Kniffen


"Christmas Joy" - Donna Bemis

“Christmas Joy” – Donna Bemis


"Driftwood" - Gail Silva

“Driftwood” – Gail Silva


"Eyes and Stripes" - Ruth Douillette

“Eyes and Stripes” – Ruth Douillette


"Feed Me" - Bill Crandell

“Feed Me” – Bill Crandell


"Good Night" - David Lee

“Good Night” – David Lee


"My Light" - Gail Silva

“My Light” – Gail Silva


"Sunrise Burst" - Kathy Evans

“Sunrise Burst” – Kathy Evans


"Tyson's Roar" - Nolyn Simoes

“Tyson’s Roar” – Nolyn Simoes


"Under clingman's dome" - Ruth Douillette

“Under Clingman’s Dome” – Ruth Douillette


"Yesteryear II" - Gail Salguero

“Yesteryear II” – Gail Salguero
























“Featuring. . .Gail Silva”

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Member since 2011


"Gail and her Daughter, Liz"

“Gail and her Daughter, Liz”




I’ve always enjoyed looking at pictures, the stories that they tell us and the memories that they share.  I can close my eyes and clearly see the picture of my father as a small child sitting on his tricycle or my mother as a teenager sitting on the roof of their house with the family dog!  These images and the stories that go with them have been with me my entire life.  

As a small child I would pour over my mothers photo albums or beg to look at the family pictures that were on slides, as most were in the late 70s.  For Christmas one year I was given a Holly Hobby camera that took real pictures and I was hooked.  From that time on I always had a camera and I was always taking pictures.  In high school I made use of my hobby by writing for the school yearbook and contributing pictures as well.  In college I was always the one who had a camera to photograph whatever trips or events I was involved with.  Back then we didn’t all have cell phones with cameras built into them in our pockets so this was important.  

Thankfully, my husband Bill encouraged my hobby.  On a trip to Arizona we even took a class together to better learn how to use the SLR camera he had purchased while in the Army.  Around the time our daughter Elisabeth was born he realized that my hobby was going to become rather expensive if we kept with film so we purchased our first point and shoot digital camera.  A few years later, I proved that even a Kodak camera can be used to death and Bill surprised me with a Canon DSLR for Christmas.  

Elisabeth is still one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  I’m still always the one with the camera in my hands. Bill’s grandmother tells me I’m the family historian because I photograph every time we’re all together.  I also enjoy taking pictures of places that mean things to me like Scituate Light or my family camp in Vermont.  

In 2011 I put my name on a waiting list to join the Hockomock Digital Photography club which met right up the street from where I live.  I was thrilled and a bit intimidated when I received an email letting me know that a space had opened and I could join.  Participating in Image Studies and listening to the judges’ remarks during Competitions, I have learned a great deal about the art and science of photography.  The members are friendly and helpful, always encouraging novice photographers to learn and grow.  Being involved with the club has helped me take the next steps with my photography.



"Bill and Gail"

“Bill and Gail”










"Liz and her Cousin, Bella"

“Liz and her Cousin, Bella”

"Liz and the Driftwood"

“Liz and the Driftwoo











"Black-eyed Susan"

“Black-eyed Susan”











"A Vermont Winter"

“A Vermont Wint











"Paos Volcano, Costa Rica"

“Paos Volcano, Costa Rica”











"Jaco, Costa Rica"

“Jaco, Costa Rica”










Favorite Location


"Scituate Lighthouse"

“Scituate Lighthouse”