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Class A Open

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Class A Open


"Bee Feeding" - Phil H.

“Bee Feeding” – Phil H.


"Eagle with Fish" - Carl

“Eagle with Fish” – Carl


"European Barn Owl" - Joe

“European Barn Owl” – Joe


"House Wren" - Rick

“House Wren” – Rick


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth


"Swan Lake Dahlia" - Rich

“Swan Lake Dahlia” – Rich


"Tiger Swallowtail" - Rick

“Tiger Swallowtail” – Rick









Class A Assigned

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Class A Assigned


"An Intimate Moment"  - Rich

“An Intimate Moment” – Rich


"Bronco Busting" - Rich

“Bronco Busting” – Rich


"Defending New Nest" - Carl

“Defending New Nest” – Carl


"Gordon of Maine" - Joe

“Gordon of Maine” – Joe


"Iceberg" - Ron

“Iceberg” – Ron


"Man with Hat" - Ruth

“Man with Hat” – Ruth


"Rachel" - Phil H.

“Rachel” – Phil H.


"Redtail Hawk Spotting Prey" - Ruth

“Redtail Hawk Spotting Prey” – Ruth