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Abstract Photography

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Abstract Photography


Abstract photography concentrates on shape, form, color, pattern and texture. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object. The subject of the photo is often only a small part of the idea of the image. Viewers may only know the essence of the image subject or understand it by what is implied. Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself.


Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself. The abstract tends to bring out some or all of these aspects…

  • Patterns.
  • Textures.
  • Angles.
  • Crop (especially of segments or parts of the whole).
  • Curves.
  • Symmetry.
  • Perspective (especially depth).
  • Reflection.
  • Blur (bokeh).
  • Expression of movement.

Some Abstract examples



th-3          th





























th-2             Leaf Study










Bissell Pond Reflection 4



Grand Prismatic Pool













Sands at Jockey RidgeSabbaday Rapids












Foliage Reflections










Blending Falls

End of the Year Gathering

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Thanks to Jim, Ruth, and Rick for offering to grab candids of the event!


Early Evening – Pre- Eating!

"The Turners!"

“The Turners!”


"When Mariann Speaks. . . ."

“When Mariann Speaks. . . . 



"HDP Rookies Bob and Robert"

“HDP Rookies Bob and Robert”











"Waiting Patiently"

“Waiting Patiently”




"Crunching More Numbers"

“Still Crunching the Numbers”









"Lily Being Lily!"

“Lily Being Lily!”







"HDP Party Goers"

“HDP Party Goers”










"Lynne and Tim"

“Lynne and Tim”






"It's a Guy Thing!"

“It’s a Guy Thing!”















Feeding the Masses!



"Someone Has to Be First!"

“Someone Has to Be First!”

"Strictly Vegetarians" (until they got to the pepperoni!)

“Strictly Vegetarians”
(until they got to the pepperoni!)



The Awards. . . 

"Bernie Triple Play"

“Bernie Triple Play”



"Accepting for Mariann Is"

“Accepting for Mariann Is”










"Quite the Haul, Phil the N!"

“Quite the Haul, Phil the N!”


That’s a Wrap! Say goodnight, People!!

Milling About

Featuring. . . 1st Annual Intra-club Challenge

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For Season Nine, the Program Committee added a fun challenge. We divided the club into two teams – Nikon or Canon (anyone shooting something else was assigned to the Canonites as their numbers were fewer). Then we came up with a list of twenty-one (21) categories to be shot any time after our first meeting in September when the list was revealed. Carl and Judy stepped up as Co-captains for the Canonites while Bernie and Ellen assumed those roles for the Nikonians.


The list included Architectural angle, Bridge, Broken, Curve, Fence, Fire escape, Foliage, Four (4), Friendship, Happy, Looking down, Neon sign, Orange, Parallel lines, Peeling paint, People at work, Porch, Reflections, Through the window, Timepiece, and Triangle!

An evening was set aside in March for the teams to come together and see what they had shot for the final judging to be held in May. It also provided an opportunity to see which categories may be missing images or weak.

We asked long-time favorite judge, Diane Robertson to make the difficult decision as to which team best filled the category. After both images were projected a couple of times, Diane chose the winning image.


The final results could not have been any closer as Team Nikon came out on top in eleven (11) of the subjects with the Canonites capturing ten (10)! Nikonian Captain Bernie had three winning images in the mix while Jim, Marainn, and Pat I. had two for the second place finishers. 


Nikonian Co-Captains, Bernie and Ellen with the 2016 Trophy!

Nikonian Co-Captains, Bernie and Ellen with the 2016 Trophy!


Yes, on both accounts – Team Nikon has accepted the challenge for a rematch and the new list has been made available. Here it is:

Animal that Starts with “B” – cannot be “Bird” but can be “Bob-o-link”

Antique Car     At the Fair          Chair         Children at Play       Creative        Eyes

Fast           Feathers         Hands        Ice        In the Garden       Jagged         Little Things

Moving Water        Old         Patriotism        Red        Shadows         Signs

Two / a Pair of. . .


Any images shot after May 11, 2016 can be submitted!!