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“Featuring, Again. . . Joe Kennedy”

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I have asked nicely at our meetings, included a request or three in our Weekly Musings and even try to focus on specific members in hopes of getting others to be “Featured. . . “ I have had promises to submit but other than Carl and Bernie in the past few months, that’s been it! So starting with this month, i will be revisiting many of the earlier members to see what they have been up to.

I figured I’d start with me as I am available and have a difficult time refusing requests from me! I’ll be sending notices to some of you who were first “Featured. . .” back in 2010. Be ready, you may be next!


Member since Day One

"Hiking the Navajo Loop"

“Hiking the Navajo Loop”



President and Co-founder


Program Committee Member

Competition Committee Member

Website Assistant

Library Liaison Committee Member


Being one of the co-founders of Hockomock Digital Photographers, it stands to reason I would be a member since its inception.


At HDP, I have witnessed tremendous growth, not only in the number of photo enthusiasts over the years but, more importantly, the growth of photographic skills our members have exhibited along the way. This is greatly due to all of you who share their time, treasures, and talents unselfishly with other club members!


Since I was first featured back in 2010, I have changed my main method of capturing images from a Nikon D200 to a Nikon D7000 and I have added a few lenses along the way. A big difference in my photography has been the use of the NIK Plug-ins along with my limited Photoshop abilities. I have plans in the works to finally get my Lightroom program up and running (I’ve had it for two years now).


Besides watching over the doings of HDP, I have traveled a lot in the past five years. I made my first excursion across the Big Puddle to visit Italy for about thirty days; got to experience our Southwest national parks on two separate treks; managed to return to Europe this past spring to visit Amsterdam, Paris (and side trips from the City of lights), and Rome.


The dangling carrot of future photo trips would have to be Australia and New Zealand. I had this dream photo shoot mapped out several years ago and then got more serious about what I’d do and where I would go a few years later – only to scrub the six week trip of a lifetime because of doing it solo and driving on the wrong side of the road. However, this past year the embers have been stoked as a club member just returned from New Zealand and I met several Aussies who offered assistance if I should dust off the plans.


So, here is what I have been shooting since we last talked. . .


2010 08 – WW II Re-enactment



"WW II Re-enactment"

“WW II Re-enactment”


2011 05 – Italy

"Ponte Vecchio, Venice"

“Ponte Vecchio, Venice”


2011 10 – Acadia I


"Duck Brook Scenic"

“Duck Brook Scenic”


2012 04 – Orlando

"Mel's Diner"

“Mel’s Diner”


2012 08 – Redcoats and Rebels Re-enactment




2012 10 – Acadia II

"Otter Rocks Sunrise"

“Otter Rocks Sunrise”


2013 04 – OBX and DC

"Currituck Light Stairway"

“Currituck Light Stairway”

"Framed Washington Monument"

“Framed Washington Monument”














2013 07 – Ontario

"Outer Limits"

“Outer Limits (CN Tower}”

2013 10 – SW Trek I


"Gifford Barn, Capitol Reef N P"

“Gifford Barn, Capitol Reef N P”


2014 05 – Waterfalls of NH

"Sabbaday Falls"

“Sabbaday Falls”


2014 09 – SW Trek II


"Along the Navajo Loop"

“Along the Navajo Loop”


2015 04 – Europe

"Conciergerie Cell"

“Conciergerie Cell”


2015 05 – Waterfalls of MA

"Garwins Falls"

“Garwins Falls”





Submitting Images

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Due to several glitches with the automatic collection system of the past, we have decided to return to a more controlled one. Carl will be collecting competition and image study images!


As in the past all images need to be sized correctly – 1024 x 768

This means your bottom edge cannot exceed 1024 px in length while the side (height) has to be 768 px or less.


All images must be titled – “Untitled” will not be accepted.


Send your images to Carl at

Use the following naming

Class_ Genre_Title.jpg




First delineation A or B signifies your assigned Class A or B.

All new members are automatically assigned to B unless specifically requested assignment to A.


Second area is the Genre. We will use the first letter of the genre to mark this space:

A for Architecture

C for Creative

M for Monochromatic

N for Nature

O for Open

P for Portraiture


Third and final section will be your title. Use underscore to separate the class from the genre as well as to represent spaces in your title.


Duck Brook Scenic becomes Duck_Brook_Scenic


*There can be only letters and numbers used in your title. All other punctuation marks (commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, exclamation points, etc.) may cause your image not to be uploaded and thus not used!


*NOTE – Your name will NOT be included in this titling of your image.


Carl has offered to send out an email about the competition images he has received a few days prior to the deadline. This will help us to identify anyone’s image that was not received and act as  a final reminder to those who forgot to enter.



Sept. / Oct. Challenge – “W i t W. . .”

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W i t W – Where in the World – has been set up for our next bi-monthly  (September and October) challenge. You will be able to sift through your archives to pull an image of your favorite location. The true challenge will be to choose one place! The ONLY rule the image has to be anywhere beyond your hometown.


If this is successful, maybe we can make it W i t W Wednesday or Traveling Tuesday for our Facebook page! I know quite a few of us could continue to post for another thirty to forty years!



W i t W Logo

This world has been brought to you by sculpture Nathan Sawaya – from his “Art of the Brick” LEGO exhibit.





For me, my favorite place to visit and photograph has to be the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! This annual event held in October has been dubbed, “The most photographed event in the world!” It’s not hard to see why as some seven hundred hot air balloons ascend each morning – they take off all around you!

What makes Albuquerque so unique is more than the sheer volume of seeing this many balloons in one place, it’s also the arrival of the Special Shapes! Upwards of seventy-five of this commercially sponsored balloons always make the Fiesta a must on their schedules.


Special Shapes Ascension


Here is a sample of some of them – Humpty Dumpty, the Little Bees, Darth Vadar’s Helmet, Lady Bug, among others. 


If you have a lifelist, make sure the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in near the top of the list!