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Jeff’s Jaunt. . .

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If you want to shoot around Boston, Jeff the W. is the man to lead the charge! Friday, October 27th was just the night. Unsure of where we would end of, he decided on Beacon Hill. What we did not realize was the level of Halloween decorating this neighborhood does! The first house we came across had all of its first floor windos decked out with goblins, witches, lights, etc.! I think our quintet (Sherri, Tom, Carl, Jeff and I) spent the most time here.


As we moved throughout the neighborhood we stopped to capture the seasonal decorations. One neighbor, Charlie, told us of last year’s total of 1400 pieces of candy handed out!


Here are a few of mine as I await to hear from the others:

Jack-o-lantern Stoop (left)


Jack-o-lantern Stoop (right)













“Orb Window”


These just in from Sherri. . .




Double Winners at Kelby’s Photo Walk Day!

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Each October for the past ten years Photoshop Guru, Scott Kelby has sponsored a day to go out and take photos. This worldwide event happens wherever someone wants to lead a group. This year Massachusetts had only eight such locations. Last year Sherri, Joyce and I headed up to Lawrence to shoot the mills. This year I returned to the mills while Sherri went south for Provincetown.

In Lawrence there were about 45 interested photographers, quadrupling last year’s group. I’m not of the numbers in P-town. 

As a participant you are asked to submit one photo from the day’s shoot. From these images the group leader will select one to represent his/her walk. These photos are sent to Kelby to be judged with the thousands from around the world. 

At the local level, Sherri’s “Dialog” and my “Triple X Escape” earned top honors for our respective groups! I wonder if any other club had double winners for this competition?? I was a repeat winner as my “Stone Mill” from the 2016 Walk was selected as the Lawrence Mill representative!


Dialog” – Sherri V.



Triple X Escape” – Joe K. 


Making HDP proud. . .

Members’ Heavenly Shots

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Several members have offered their long-range shots for our website. . .


“Saturn’s Rings”



“Saturn’s Three Moons”








“Andromeda Galaxy”














” Ring Nebula”



“Three Moons of Saturn”








“Saturn Rings”

Field Trip to the BSU Observatory

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Once again Ron comes through with a planned evening at the Bridgewater State University Observatory! About ten members took him up on the offer to shoot for the stars and beyond! As in the past several students were on hand to assist in setting up the equipment and match our cameras to the proper adaptor. There were two telescopes on the Park Avenue side and one on the parking lot side. An added bonus was the opportunity to attach our cameras to the “Big Kahuna!” I thought the actual telescope would be much larger. I brought along my Fuji to get candid shots of those who attended but I was unable to use the equipment as there was no adaptor for Fuji. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. . .




“Equipment Check”

“Last Minute Notes”













“Future Astronomers”



“Setting the Settings”

“Waiting Patiently”












“Rich H. at the Lens”

“Stars Are Aligned”