Above and Beyond HDP

Throughout the year members of HDP have been recognized for their outstanding photographic endeavors outside of Hockomock Digital activities. "Above and Beyond HDP" will feature these people and their images.

PSA Journal honor for HDP President Kennedy

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I was notified last week that one of my images would be used to feature my home state of Massachusetts. The July issue arrived last Wednesday and there was the image and the paragraph.


Here is the image shot during the annual, “Redcoats and Rebels” at Old Sturbridge Village. The paragraph follows:



Fire W


One location in Massachusetts that never disappoints is Old Sturbridge Village (OSV).

OSV plays a vital role in preserving the early American history of the 1830s and has been an iconic New England destination for nearly seventy years. Besides being a living history museum of forty original buildings with well-versed residents, it plays host to many unique photographic opportunities such as the Revolutionary War Re-enactment, the beautifully adorned Antique Sleigh Rally, and ever-popular, Antique Car Rally.


Old Sturbridge Village: <http://www.osv.org>

Joe Kennedy 


Plymouth Art Guild 2015

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Once again, several HDP members have entered their prints in this annual event and came out with acceptances!

Those being acknowledged by the P. A. G. are Ruth, Kathy, Deedee, Mariann, and Phil N.


Kathy’s “Fairy Path



Mariann’s “Sunflower Stem

Sunflower Stem


Phil N.’s “John the Barber

John The Barber


Ruth’s, “Half the Man I Used to Be

Half the Man_RDouillette

Deedee’s “River Runs Through

the river runs throughjpg

Congrats to all!


Continuing to make HDP proud. . .