Above and Beyond HDP

Throughout the year members of HDP have been recognized for their outstanding photographic endeavors outside of Hockomock Digital activities. "Above and Beyond HDP" will feature these people and their images.

Ron, “Master of the Media”

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If you have sat through competition night or an evening of image study, you are aware of Ron’s imagery. Whether it is some astrophysical picture or something processed in sepia tone, Ron has impressed us. For me, the fun part is hearing the story behind the capture and /or his decision to use monochrome or sepia.


"Golden Spike - Ron Reynolds"

“Golden Spike – Ron Reynolds”


You may remember Ron offered to build us a box to hold our prints for the library exhibits. Did I say a box? Sorry, Ron NEVER does anything as simple as a box. Our print case had inserts to keep its holdings upright with a minimum of frame damage. He then crafted a top the sealed the contents. Oh, the lid has a cord to keep it from going too far back – cord as opposed to a chain as he was concerned that the chain could mar the contents. As a finishing touch, he stenciled the box with “HDP!” 


New Print Collection Box


Ron’s been dabbling in wood turning as well. One of his creations was accepted by the Fuller Craft Museum’s recent exhibit.


“Men’s Razor and Stand”




Well done, Ron!




Plymouth Art Guild 2016

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HDP continues to impress the judges of these juried competitions. Both Jeff T. and Sherri had two (2) images accepted into the Guild’s Fine Art of Photography 2016!



Symphony of Fire

Symphony of Fire” – Jeff T.


Bridget” – Jeff T.

Child's Play I

“Child’s Play” – Sherri V.

Lighthouse View I

“Lighthouse View” – Sherri V.

Continuing to make HDP proud. . .