“Featuring. . . Bernie Creswick”

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Member since 2013

01 Bernie


What came first, the photographer or the birder? 

Honestly, I don’t remember.  I was always fascinated by the pictures of exotic places and the animals in National Geographic Magazine.  I think I became interested in birds because of my Mother, and trips to Florida as a kid.  As I grew up into a full-fledged (pun intended) science geek, my interest in birds expanded into all things nature.  Somewhere along the way, I started taking pictures, sometimes with the family Polaroid to pester my older sisters, later with a 35mm Kowa while on trips with the family.  I was also the photographer for my high school yearbook. 

Unfortunately, life (college and career) got in the way.   During 33 years in the biotech field, time and energy available for photography was usually limited to family events and vacations.  My old 35mm Minolta sat in the closet for many years, supplanted by a point-and-shoot for convenience.  Eventually, an early 3MP Olympus Ultrazoom got me into the digital world, and as a result of the more or less instant feedback, quality improved.  Also, for me, the fun factor increased since I no longer thought about the cost of each photo.  

Vacations resulted in decent travel photo with family photos looking better and better.  A Nikon D40 worked well for few years, but I still wanted better results.  I didn’t know what was missing, but if I wanted to improve, I needed to get serious.  A colleague suggested classes, but I came across the Hockomock Digital Photographers first.  Since joining in late 2013, I have learned so many things, little tips (proper cropping), and major changes (shooting RAW instead of .jpg).  I never knew how to look at a photo critically, now I can see details in pictures that I would have missed before.  Results have improved, but by seeing the incredible work of others in the club, I can also see how much more there is to learn. 

Sure, I can take nature photos all day, but I have a long way to go in the architecture and portraiture categories.  As a science geek, the artistic side of my brain is as yet undeveloped.  The club competitions and assignments continue to challenge me to try new things, and will hopefully make me a better photographer.  I am grateful for the continued help, knowledge, and experience of the club members. 



'Nathaniel and Jess"

‘Nathaniel and Jess”

"Jess's Wedding"

“Jess’s Wedding”











"Jenna in Disneyland"

“Jenna in Disneyland”



"Snowy Takes Flight"

“Snowy Takes Flight”


"Early Morning Majesty"

“Early Morning Majesty”

"Ready to Pounce"

“Ready to Pounce”










"Moose on the Loose"

“Moose on the Loose”


"Sanibel Sunset"

“Sanibel Sunset”












"Big Papi"

“Big Papi”



"Bridge of Sighs"

“Bridge of Sighs”













“Featuring. . .Gail Silva”

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Member since 2011


"Gail and her Daughter, Liz"

“Gail and her Daughter, Liz”




I’ve always enjoyed looking at pictures, the stories that they tell us and the memories that they share.  I can close my eyes and clearly see the picture of my father as a small child sitting on his tricycle or my mother as a teenager sitting on the roof of their house with the family dog!  These images and the stories that go with them have been with me my entire life.  

As a small child I would pour over my mothers photo albums or beg to look at the family pictures that were on slides, as most were in the late 70s.  For Christmas one year I was given a Holly Hobby camera that took real pictures and I was hooked.  From that time on I always had a camera and I was always taking pictures.  In high school I made use of my hobby by writing for the school yearbook and contributing pictures as well.  In college I was always the one who had a camera to photograph whatever trips or events I was involved with.  Back then we didn’t all have cell phones with cameras built into them in our pockets so this was important.  

Thankfully, my husband Bill encouraged my hobby.  On a trip to Arizona we even took a class together to better learn how to use the SLR camera he had purchased while in the Army.  Around the time our daughter Elisabeth was born he realized that my hobby was going to become rather expensive if we kept with film so we purchased our first point and shoot digital camera.  A few years later, I proved that even a Kodak camera can be used to death and Bill surprised me with a Canon DSLR for Christmas.  

Elisabeth is still one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  I’m still always the one with the camera in my hands. Bill’s grandmother tells me I’m the family historian because I photograph every time we’re all together.  I also enjoy taking pictures of places that mean things to me like Scituate Light or my family camp in Vermont.  

In 2011 I put my name on a waiting list to join the Hockomock Digital Photography club which met right up the street from where I live.  I was thrilled and a bit intimidated when I received an email letting me know that a space had opened and I could join.  Participating in Image Studies and listening to the judges’ remarks during Competitions, I have learned a great deal about the art and science of photography.  The members are friendly and helpful, always encouraging novice photographers to learn and grow.  Being involved with the club has helped me take the next steps with my photography.



"Bill and Gail"

“Bill and Gail”










"Liz and her Cousin, Bella"

“Liz and her Cousin, Bella”

"Liz and the Driftwood"

“Liz and the Driftwoo











"Black-eyed Susan"

“Black-eyed Susan”











"A Vermont Winter"

“A Vermont Wint











"Paos Volcano, Costa Rica"

“Paos Volcano, Costa Rica”











"Jaco, Costa Rica"

“Jaco, Costa Rica”










Favorite Location


"Scituate Lighthouse"

“Scituate Lighthouse”



“Featuring. . .Ed Ohman”

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Quiet Man but Spoke Volumes as a Photographer!


The Ohmans - June and Ed

The Ohmans – June and Ed


Ed Ohman approached me at the last meeting to let me know that he probably would not be returning to HDP. His attention has been focused on the home front and has had little time to shoot.

It’s a sad day for photography when the Ed Ohmans of the world put their cameras down. Most of you knew Ed as the older gentleman who said little at our club meetings. However, there are a few of us who knew Ed in the days of the Greater Brockton Camera Club – that was my first encounter with Ed the Photographer.

 Ed and his good friend, Jack Alexander made the NECCC Conference a must-do every year. Friday night, after the last presentation, they would stop for an ice cream. I was fortunate to have joined them a few times. At this conference and at the Yankee Potpourri is where Ed would get his model shots. And, from the results to follow, he got some amazing images. 

He served the former club in every possible way and even stepped in to judge when we were short one. I still have copies of “The Lens Tissue” the newsletter that I published for GBCC. I started to look at the end-of the year awards and there was Ed’s name bold-faced in several categories. He and former member, Jack Alexander would battle it out for top club honors.


Here are some of his accomplishments from my archives (2001 to 2006):


Masters Slide of the Year                  2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006


Portrait of the Year                  2002, 2003 and 2005


Photo-travel Slide of the Year         2001 and 2006


I know Ed had many successful years prior to my recordkeeping.


I do not have any of Ed’s award-winning slides or images but I did find a few he had submitted for HDP competitions.


"Lulea, Sweden"

“Lulea, Sweden”



"Barn Owl"

“Barn Owl”










"Herring Gull"

“Herring Gull”






"Wild Iceland"

“Wild Iceland”












"Litil Geyser, Iceland"

“Litil Geyser, Iceland”


Ed adding his expertise to our annual Greater Lynn Salon workshop.


Station Three - Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David K.

Station Three – Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David K.


People like Ed Ohman come into our lives on rare occasions. For those of us who talked with him, listened to his stories, and shot alongside him, we are richer people!


“Featuring Lena Thomas. . .”

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Member since 2011



I love photography.

I am passionate about the art. My interest in photography started when I was 11 years old with my first camera, a Kodak 110 film camera that I received in middle school.

With a gift of a Minolta SLR my passion started to bloom. In 2010, I bought my first DSLR, a Sony A230. One of my greatest dreams is to travel the world and to document this journey through photos. I am well on my way to accomplishing this goal, because I have been able to combine my love for travel and photography. To date I have visited many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and to many of the Caribbean islands.

I am self-taught in photography but that hasn’t stopped me from taking more photos of people and places. I especially enjoy capturing the young and the old of a specific area!  The transition from film to digital has given me the freedom to experiment and to learn from my mistakes and thus grow as a photographer. I enjoy capturing images that others would never see otherwise.

Photographs are timeless and they last forever. One of my most enjoyable experiences is capturing the moment, the thought, the event, the light, just as it happens knowing that in a flash, it is gone. I chose photography to have that memory remain permanent and last a lifetime.


Being a member of Hockomock Digital Photographers has allowed me to be surrounded by others who share their love of photography. It provides me with an opportunity to grow, learn, and develop my photographic skills. I have become more intrigued with learning how to become a better photographer. Photography is an art that has the ability to move people and communicate emotion in a profound way. 

I have enjoyed learning more about my camera and how to manipulate the settings to achieve different effects.  HDP has given me the courage to experiment with my camera and with post processing.

“Photography is man’s attempt at immortality. To save our memories and share them. The places we have been, the people we have known, the things we have done. To share with others for eternity or until the images fade away.” -Clifford Hopkins

My search continues, a search to capture that impossible to find photo.


The People

"Best Friends"

“Best Friends”














"Lost Little Boy"

“Lost Little Boy”
















"Prima and Her Pipe"

“Prima and Her Pipe”







"Laundry Day"

“Laundry Day”













"Ball before Sunset"

“Ball before Sunset”

















The Places


"Volcano, Cape Verde"

“Volcano, Cape Verde”





"Colors of Curacao"

“Colors of Curacao”