“Featuring. . . Ellen Best”

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01 Ellen


Member since 2013

New Member Committee 2015

Intra-club Challenge Co-captain 2015


I’ve always been drawn to things in nature, most likely inherited from my mom, who loved birds, and who also taught me to appreciate color and texture, mostly from the fabrics she worked with when she sewed.

I bought my first DSLR camera a couple of years ago, and it really opened up a world of creativity and expression that I had never experienced before.  I am drawn to flowers, macro shots of anything in nature that the casual observer may not see, black and white photography, and abstract shapes, shadows and light.

Collectively, HDP members have many years of experience and a wide level of expertise, from the novice to the professional, and are very open and willing to share it.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time from this group, and continue to learn about the technical and creative ways to capture moments in time and beautiful images with my camera. 

Some of my favorite images are …


"Summer Bloom"

“Summer Bloom”



"Autumn Reflections"

“Autumn Reflections”


















"Cheese House"

“Cheese House”



"Champagne Toast"

“Champagne Toast”












“Revisiting with Jim Weidenfeller”

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Jim was one of the first members to be featured on our website. With the lack of interest from several requests, I decided to revisit some of the earlier profiles.

Self Portrait


Member since 2007 – Year One!

Library Liaison


New Member Committee




I was born at a very young age in Brockton. 


Clark on front steps

(yep, that’s Jim on the front steps in Brockton) 


My long interest with photography goes back to being the “family photographer” at every function. I had a black and white darkroom, I took 8 mm movies, and even color slides.


In the 1980’s I re-discovered photography and with my partner began making pictures rather than taking snapshots.  With the advent of digital photography the new “hobby” became an obsession.  I am working at it harder every day and trying to learn and express what I see in photos.


 Visit my web site www.jcandmphotography.com an leave a “hi”.


Jim’s gems. . .

"First Day of School"

“First Day of School”



"Red Umbrella"

“Red Umbrella”














"Eggs and Fork"

“Eggs and Fork”








"Barn Window Box"

“Barn Window Box”




"Calm Morning"

“Calm Morning”










"Yellowstone Morning"

“Yellowstone Morning”






















“Featuring, Again. . . Joe Kennedy”

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I have asked nicely at our meetings, included a request or three in our Weekly Musings and even try to focus on specific members in hopes of getting others to be “Featured. . . “ I have had promises to submit but other than Carl and Bernie in the past few months, that’s been it! So starting with this month, i will be revisiting many of the earlier members to see what they have been up to.

I figured I’d start with me as I am available and have a difficult time refusing requests from me! I’ll be sending notices to some of you who were first “Featured. . .” back in 2010. Be ready, you may be next!


Member since Day One

"Hiking the Navajo Loop"

“Hiking the Navajo Loop”



President and Co-founder


Program Committee Member

Competition Committee Member

Website Assistant

Library Liaison Committee Member


Being one of the co-founders of Hockomock Digital Photographers, it stands to reason I would be a member since its inception.


At HDP, I have witnessed tremendous growth, not only in the number of photo enthusiasts over the years but, more importantly, the growth of photographic skills our members have exhibited along the way. This is greatly due to all of you who share their time, treasures, and talents unselfishly with other club members!


Since I was first featured back in 2010, I have changed my main method of capturing images from a Nikon D200 to a Nikon D7000 and I have added a few lenses along the way. A big difference in my photography has been the use of the NIK Plug-ins along with my limited Photoshop abilities. I have plans in the works to finally get my Lightroom program up and running (I’ve had it for two years now).


Besides watching over the doings of HDP, I have traveled a lot in the past five years. I made my first excursion across the Big Puddle to visit Italy for about thirty days; got to experience our Southwest national parks on two separate treks; managed to return to Europe this past spring to visit Amsterdam, Paris (and side trips from the City of lights), and Rome.


The dangling carrot of future photo trips would have to be Australia and New Zealand. I had this dream photo shoot mapped out several years ago and then got more serious about what I’d do and where I would go a few years later – only to scrub the six week trip of a lifetime because of doing it solo and driving on the wrong side of the road. However, this past year the embers have been stoked as a club member just returned from New Zealand and I met several Aussies who offered assistance if I should dust off the plans.


So, here is what I have been shooting since we last talked. . .


2010 08 – WW II Re-enactment



"WW II Re-enactment"

“WW II Re-enactment”


2011 05 – Italy

"Ponte Vecchio, Venice"

“Ponte Vecchio, Venice”


2011 10 – Acadia I


"Duck Brook Scenic"

“Duck Brook Scenic”


2012 04 – Orlando

"Mel's Diner"

“Mel’s Diner”


2012 08 – Redcoats and Rebels Re-enactment




2012 10 – Acadia II

"Otter Rocks Sunrise"

“Otter Rocks Sunrise”


2013 04 – OBX and DC

"Currituck Light Stairway"

“Currituck Light Stairway”

"Framed Washington Monument"

“Framed Washington Monument”














2013 07 – Ontario

"Outer Limits"

“Outer Limits (CN Tower}”

2013 10 – SW Trek I


"Gifford Barn, Capitol Reef N P"

“Gifford Barn, Capitol Reef N P”


2014 05 – Waterfalls of NH

"Sabbaday Falls"

“Sabbaday Falls”


2014 09 – SW Trek II


"Along the Navajo Loop"

“Along the Navajo Loop”


2015 04 – Europe

"Conciergerie Cell"

“Conciergerie Cell”


2015 05 – Waterfalls of MA

"Garwins Falls"

“Garwins Falls”





“Featuring. . . Carl Albro”

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Member since 2011

Carl Albro Title


I got my first SLR (film) more than 45 years ago.  During the film days I shot mostly family, tourist photos, and promotional photos for the research company where I was employed. Yet I would take some landscape and nature images. When I got my first DSLR in 2003, I started to expand on my photo skills starting with sunrise and sunset landscapes, then expanded big time into birding.  
As a member of the HDP club, I have been encouraged to start pushing myself into portraits and architecture.  I have also been reconsidering whether to crop or not crop images.  For example, I am starting to include more surrounding with bird photography.  I like going back to the same areas to try to find better and different images from what I took there before.
For my ten images, I decided to select 10 of my early digital images so that you can decide if my photos are improving.


Nature Calling!

Pelican at Sunrise II

“Pelican at Sunrise”



"Palm Tree after Sunset"

“Palm Tree after Sunset”





"Mushroom Mountain"

“Mushroom Mountain”













Locally shot. . .


Sailboat at Wings Neck Lighthouse II

“Sailboat at Wings Neck Lighthouse”



"Robins Pond Early Morning"

“Robins Pond Early Morning”



"Robin's Pond BW"

“Robin’s Pond BW”














Getting Around!


"Early Morning Fishermen"

“Early Morning Fishermen”



"Juno Beach"

“Juno Beach”



"Columbus, Ohio"

“Columbus, Ohio”