Featuring. . . Kathy Evans

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My husband gave me my Sony A300 (no, not a Nikon or Canon) as a wedding gift after he had seen many of my travel photos with my children using my Kodak digital.  Not having a clue what to do with this gift and after many cancelled classes, I did a web search and contacted a professional photographer whose work I admired. Jeff Turner was willing to take on the challenge of trying to educate me about photography.  As a part of my education, he introduced me to Hockomock Digital Photographers Club where I met many talented and always learning individuals. Being the only Sony photographer in the club, I use the love from my husband’s gift to inspire each of my images.  I have learned that although there are many guidelines and “rules” within photography, it is very subjective.  I now have a different perspective of the world outside of my profession as a CPA providing a wonderful balance and a means of expressing and sharing with others.  

I’d like to share these images with you:

"Kathy's Son - an Avid Golfer"

Business Major Grad - Looking for Work!













Keith, Kathy's Other Half


"Ponte Vecchio"


















"Golden Gate Bridge"











"My Brother's Violin"














"Barn Doors"















"Rose Dew"







"Kathy's #1 Cheerleader/Mentor"



Kathy’s 2012  HDP Awards

Class B Open 3rd Place

Class B Nature Image of the Year 3rd Place “Softstars”


Featuring. . . Carol Uminski

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I bought my first Nikon film camera with a tax refund many years ago. My husband introduced me to photography and even though he passed away 6 years ago, I still continue shooting. It is such a great hobby, learning about photography, meeting new people and traveling to different places.

I have traveled to Ireland, Iceland, European Alps, Colorado, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, Oregon, Pacific NW, & Nova Scotia. This summer I will travel to Wales in May and to Churchill in November for the polar bears.

I hope to add many more spots around the world to my itinerary in the upcoming years.


"Alaskan Bear"

































"Slot Canyons"

"Canadian Rockies"













“Featuring. . .Dena Clay”

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Dena Clay

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I am originally from North Carolina and moved to Massachusetts with my family in 1997.   As far back as I can remember I’ve had a camera in my hand.  I’ve owned a Polaroid Instamatic, a Kodak disc, a Pentax K1000, (my first SLR) and various midsize and point and shoot digital cameras.   But my favorite by far is my Nikon Digital SLR. 

I have enjoyed learning more about my camera and how to manipulate the settings to achieve different effects.  One of my favorite things about photography is taking an ordinary object and making it look like art.   I take pleasure in being able to capture things that some people would never otherwise see. 


Here are a few of my photos.  Enjoy!

"My Girls"














"My Niece and Great Nephew"


"Brett, an East Bridgewater Little Leaguer"












North Carolina Memories

"Pilot Mountain, NC"











"Biltmore Mansion in NC"




















"Zakim from the Charles"














Returning to Nature

"Sea Snail in the North Atlantic"



"The Moon"



Tom McSweeney

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Featuring. . .

   Tom McSweeney

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I have lived on the South Shore my whole life. I dabbled in photography after graduating from high school in 1969 but never really took it too seriously.  I attended the New England School of Photography in the mid 70’s where I learned darkroom technique, studio shooting of products and some basic portrait lighting. I had many of my photos critiqued and had a fun time while attending that school.

After the fun of school had ended it was time to go to work. I spent the next 20-plus years working for area printers as an offset camera/stripper, all film. Until a few years ago the film went away and digital moved in. At that time I decided to join the rest of the world and go digital. My darkroom is no more filling the basement with chemicals and trays. Now it can be found on the computer. My film Nikkormat has been replaced by my Nikon digital. My position of 20 years has been replaced by a computer job. So I find myself looking to the people at HDP to help me convert my film knowledge to digital.

Here are few of my earlier images (film scanned to digital) of the family growing up, as at the time that was pretty much what I found myself shooting. I can’t recall too many photos of me as I was on the taking side of the camera.

These are actually pages of a book I had made of the family.


As you can see from the images below, family is EVERYTHING to Tom!