Bi-Monthly Challenge – “Purple!”

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March / April Challenge, 2014 


P U R P L E!


It’s been a while since we have featured a color so PURPLE ends that drought! Size as you would for competition and send it to Joe. The ONLY rule is that the image must be shot from March 1st to April 30th of 2014!


The January/February Challenge of Utensils had eleven submissions.


1. Joe’s “Need I Say More?

Color Purple













(this idea was NOT taken from Lynne’s comment the other night as I had checked the book out on 2/26)


2. Jac’s “Purple Haze over the Town River“ 











3. Marian’sPurple Potato Slices














4. Steph’s “Mardi Gras Wannabe Beads!“ 











5. Jim’sPurple Door

jim Purple Door (1 of 1)













6. Kathy K.’s “Lenten Purple

Kathy K Purple













7. Ruth’s “Edible Purple Asparagus

ruth asparagus











8. Deedee’s “Purple Threads

Deedee purple













9. Al’s “First Crocuses of 2014″

al Purple-Crocuses_











10. Mariann’s “And, Now a Word from Our Sponsor!

purple challenge small











11. Jeff W.’sBirdhouse for Peeps!

Jeff t purple

Bi-Monthly Challenge – “Utensils”

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January / February, 2014


If it’s January, it must be time for another round of bi-monthly challenges. Tip of the lens cap to those who submitted for the Nov/Dec “Reflections” as we had sixteen images! 


Now this one should be a little easier – these items can be found in your kitchen and other rooms around your house. You don’t even have to go outside! Only rule: must be shot anytime AFTER December 31, 2013. 


1. Early Bird Jim’s “Mortar and Pestle”

Jim January Challange (1 of 2)










2. Joe’s “Writing Utensils

Utensils W












(Did you count seven?)


3. Ellen’sGetting to the Core

Ellen Best










4. Jac’s “Antique Kitchen Thingamajig“ 

Jac Antique_Utensil1a-1








5. Marian’s “Antique Sausage Stuffer














6. Ruth’s “Sparkling Spoons!

ruth spoons reflecting











 7. Kathy K.’s “Service for a Giant“ 

kathy k photo














8. Mariann’s “Falling Utensils

Marainn falling utensils













 9. Deedee’s “Vermonter’s Essentials














10. Phil’s “Moving Utensil

phil Moving Utensil










11. Al’s ”Cooktop Utensil – a Bird’s Eye View”

Al Utensils-Monthly Challenge










Bi – Monthly Challenge – “Reflections”

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It’s been a while since I threw a new challenge your way, so here it is!


For November and December, I’m collecting “Reflections!“ 

As always the image must be shot after November 1st of this year. Size it as you would for HDP projections and send it to me (Joe Kennedy)!


"Reflecting of Fall"

“Reflecting on Fall”




Steph’s “Window Reflection

Steph Reflection













Jac’s “Watery Reflection“ 

Jac Reflection1-1









Joe’s “Self-Reflection“ 

Self Portrait













Ron’s “Reflective Pond

Ron Reflective Pond









Marian’s “Reflection of a Tree

Marians Reflection













David the Lee’s “High Rise Reflection

David L Sunset of Boston High Rise







 Joyce’s “Mirror Pond

Joyce Ball








Pres. Phil’s “Reflection in a Skyscraper

phil nov.challenge













Ruth’sCity within a City

ruth city in a city2 sig










Deedee’s “Carousel Reflection

Deedee Carousel Mirror














Rick’s “ReFALLection!

rick refallection














Al’s “Well-rounded Reflection

Al_A Well Rounded Reflection













Rich’s “Reflection of Maine

rich Reflections of Maine














Marian’s “Reflecting Upon a Buck

(I never post two from one member, but this was the exception)














Jeff T.’s “Reflections of a Blue Knight

Jeff T131103BK_1268hdp














Phil N.’s “Quincy Shore Reflection

phil n Quincybw2














Jeff W.’s “Braga Bridge Reflection“ 

jeff w night-2

A Gated Community. . .

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Time to get you back outside! Let’s focus on gates – they are all over the area. Some very functional while some are just decorative! Others are very plain with a few others quite ornate. So keep your eyes open for a gate or two as you are walking, biking, kayaking, or driving about.

Here is one that is functional, ornate and has a camera that captures the license plates of those motorists who drive through it without the proper authority – want to see my ticket??

"North Gate, Siena"

“North Gate, Siena”



“Lynne’s Mansiongate”

"Lynne Gate"


 Joe’s “Water Gate”

"Water Gate"


 Phil N.’s Bridgegate

Phil Gate


Jac’s Stone Gate

Jac Gate



Ruth’s “Rocky Gate”

Rocky's gate_Ruth_Douillette














Kathy K.’s Garden Gate (Myrtle Beach)

K K Gate












Marian’s Farmgate

"Farm Gate"

Al’s Horsegate

"Horse Gate"




steph gate














Phil’s Half Gate














Ron’s Gates, Gates, and More Gates!

Gates Gates













Dena’s Nature’s Gate

Dena Naturesgate









Lena’s Cemeterygate











Jim’s Billgates! 


















Bill C.’s Closed Gate!

Closed Gate