Phil the N Reflections on the 2016 NECCC Conference!

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Phil Nardozzi was HDP’s recipient of a complimentary registration for the 2016 annual conference at UMASS Amherst. Here are his thoughts on the experience.

Phil N

I was the fortunate winner of this year’s, NECCC Conference weekend in August. It was an inspiring weekend to be surrounded by a several hundred passionate photographers of all levels of experience.You will not leave the Conference, without being more inspired, better educated or both. There is a 3 day schedule of Photography presentations, workshops, print and digital competitions, a famous guest speaker (this year, Art Wolfe), vendors and more. Plus an opportunity to photo shoot the beautiful Pioneer Valley.


I will share one example of how one presentation changed and inspired me toward a new direction of Photography.
The presentation was called “Abstracts with Impact“. The photographer and instructor of many decades Mollie Isaacs made the presentation.

Her siren song to me, “Abstract photos have “no rigid rules, and no restrictions. Discovery is everywhere.” This one-hour presentation, started me, seeing the photographic world in a whole new dimension. This new genre for me has released more creativity than ever before.

This one presentation alone was enough to attend the NECCC Conference.

I hope you will do the same.

I strongly, recommend at least one time to attend a full or partial weekend at the next NECCC Conference (at UMass-Amherst).


Phil N


Some Abstract shots from the Pioneer Valley


02 Abstract 100


03 Abstract104
















01 Abstract 101


02 Abstract102


2016 “End of Year Awards!”

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Another year of competition has gone by the judges and the appropriate awards were presented at our annual End-of-the-Year Gathering!


This year we tried a different spin on choosing the best images for Class A and Class B and the various genres – we let you decide! Those in Class B reviewed and scored the images from Class A while those of un in Class A judged the best of B. Since the tally sheets were sent to me, I was able to look at the wide range of scoring from the membership. Where one image was given a “1,” someone else awarded it the lowest score, a “12!” Since very few reviewers left comments, it was difficult to understand the wide range that appeared on several images.

Based on the voting cast by the membership, I decided I would select an Image of the Year from both Class A and Class B. Using the tallies recorded, this was an easy pick!


Two images stood out in the final scoring. From Class A with all but one vote giving it the top score. . .


Phil Holt’s “Toronto Stairway” 



I vividly remember the night it was shown for an image study. It had the WOW effect! Not much was said as first as the overall impact was settling in. Then the comments started and continued! Congrats, Phil on a fantastic capture!! 

From Class B we had the other Phil (Nardozzi) submitting this most popular image:


Phil Nardozzi’s “Under the Zakim Tower




Once again, all the elements of an excellent image came together in this one. Phil’s decision to take this viewpoint out this over the top for us and the judges! Well done, Mr. Nardozzi!


One last bit of excellence was in evidence from your voting – two photographers stood out among their peers. Basing my decision on the number of awards their images captured in the final tally, i am pleased to announce the



2016 HDP Photographers of the Year


Class A – Carl Albro

Carl Albro Title


Class B – Phil Nardozzi

Class B Photographer of Year


Congratulations on an outstanding 2016!!



And, the winners within each genre are:


01 Ontario Stairway

Class A – “Toronto Stairway” – Phil Holt



Class B - "Under the Zakim Tower" - Phil Nardozzi

Class B – “Under the Zakim Tower” – Phil Nardozzi



Class B - "Corinth Crossing" - Pat Illsley

Class B – “Corinth Crossing” – Pat Illsley


Class A - "Last Call at Loren's Saloon" - Joe Kennedy

Class A – “Last Call at Loren’s Saloon” – Joe Kennedy



Class A - "You Are Going Down" - Carl lbro.

Class A – “You Are Going Down” – Carl Albro.


Class B- "Breakfast" - Bernie Creswick

Class B- “Breakfast” – Bernie Creswick



Class B - "N. Y. Harbor" - Kathy Evans

Class B – “N. Y. Harbor” – Kathy Evans


Class A - "Symphony of Fire" - Jeff Turner

Class A – “Symphony of Fire” – Jeff Turner




Class A - "Amy" - Phil Holt

Class A – “Amy” – Phil Holt


Class B - "Adelyn" - Mariann Moberg

Class B – “Adelyn” – Mariann Moberg

Class B - "Old Man Santa" - Phil Nardozzi

Class B – “Old Man Santa” – Phil Nardozzi















All tabulations were computed and verified by the accounting firm of Kennedy and Creswick.


End of the Year Gathering – HDP Awards Night!


"Ron and Laura - Social Committee Members"

“Ron and Laura – Social Committee Members”


For more images from the night, click here!



2016 Ocean State International Salon

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As I mentioned we did have an excellent turnout from our membership with almost half entering!


Here are some of those Accepted images. . .


Carl’s “You Are Going Down!

"You Are Going Down" - Carl A.

“You Are Going Down” – Carl A.



Rick’s “Green Heron at Rest

"Perched Green Heron" - Rick A.

“Perched Green Heron” – Rick A.



Bernie’s “Barn Owl” and “Snowy Egret”

"Barn Owl" - Bernie C.

“Barn Owl” – Bernie

"Snowy Rgret"

“Snowy Rgret”











Ruth’s “Nine Sheep”


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth L.

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth L.


Kathy’s “Harbor Cruise”


"N. Y. Harbor" - Kathy E.

“N. Y. Harbor” – Kathy E.


Phil H.’s “Alison

"Alison" - Phil H.

“Alison” – Phil H.



Pat I.’s “Erla”


"Erla" Pat I.

“Erla” Pat I.


Joe’s “Enriched Sunflower”

"Enriched Sunflower - Joe"

“Enriched Sunflower – Joe”


Mariann’s “The Potter’s Hands

"Potter's Hands" - Mariann

“Potter’s Hands” – Mariann


Phil N.’s “Under the Zakim”

"Under the Zakim's Tower" - Phil N. Class B

“Under the Zakim’s Tower” – Phil N.


Ron’s “Grey Seal”

"Grey Seal" - Ron

“Grey Seal” – Ron


Jeff T.’s “Joey”

"Joey" - Jef T.

“Joey” – Jef T.



Jim’s “Blue Dasher

"Blue Dasher" - Jim

“Blue Dasher” – Jim




HDP First Annual Model Shoot

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Thanks to Jeff Turner, the club was able to hold its first model shoot at the club’s meeting place. Jeff, Jim, and George all brought in their lighting set-ups and were ready to fire away when the members showed up. Jeff asked four younger adults to be our evening’s models.

About twenty members and one non-member took advantage of the expertise available from Jim, George, and Jeff. The four models were switched out between the three stations every fifteen minutes.


 The Models


The Models W


Alex (top left)     Ashley (top right)     Mary Elizabeth (bottom right)      Ryan (bottom left)

 {click on the model’s name above to see more images}


Here are some candid shots of the activity. . .


Jim Offering Tips to HDP V. P. Ruth

Jim offering tips to HDP V. P. Ruth

Jeff making suggestions to Al.

Jeff making suggestions to Al.













Deedee posing Ashley

Deedee posing Ashley



Mike checking his histogram as Ashley waits patiently.

Mike checking his histogram as Ashley waits patiently.











Bernie just making sure.

Bernie just making sure.




Potential member, Lori applying her craft.

Potential member, Lori applying her craft.












Like they didn't know there were any cameras around!

Like they didn’t know there were any cameras around!


Got my BEST side, Phil!

Got my BEST side, Phil!