Class A Open

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Class A Open


"Bee Feeding" - Phil H.

“Bee Feeding” – Phil H.


"Eagle with Fish" - Carl

“Eagle with Fish” – Carl


"European Barn Owl" - Joe

“European Barn Owl” – Joe


"House Wren" - Rick

“House Wren” – Rick


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth


"Swan Lake Dahlia" - Rich

“Swan Lake Dahlia” – Rich


"Tiger Swallowtail" - Rick

“Tiger Swallowtail” – Rick









May Field Trips

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Thanks to Jeff Turner and Phil Nardozzi, two opportunities to get our cameras out and shoot were offered to anyone who could fit them into their schedules.



Shoot One – Model Set-ups

Jeff brought along Hingham junior, Katy for a model shoot at the Ames Mansion in Easton. Nine of us gathered on Saturday afternoon for this unique chance to work with Jeff. As always, he was more than gracious with his time and equipment. Photogenic Katy managed to fill our flash cards with a variety of poses and looks. Showing up at the Ames Mansion were Bernie, Ruth, Deedee, Mariann, Laura, Judy, Pat I., me, and Jeff, of course.

Here are a few of my favorites. . .


Katy C W 1513


Highlighted Katie C W 5932

Pensive Katy C W 1548

Working those boots C W 6097

Good Sport Katie III C W 6190



Who Got the Shot

“Who Got the Shot?”

 From Ruth. . .

model 2 RD

model 3 RD


"Perfect Gentleman"

“Perfect Gentleman”















model 1 RD 





Shoot Two – Waterfalls!

The following Tuesday, just at the break of dawn, another group of nine stood around Phil’s driveway before heading out to capture several waterfalls in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Obviously Phil had done his homework as the directions and the settings were perfect – now, if he could only figure on how to dial down the mosquitoes! 

Our first stop was Royalston, MA and Doane’s Falls

Doane's Falls C W 1651

“Doane’s Falls” (Joe)



"Doane's Falls" Phil H.

“Doane’s Falls” Phil H.




Doane's Falls upper BW W 1607

“Doane’s Falls – Upper” (Joe)

Doane's Falls PN

“Doane’s Falls” (Phil N.)










After ample time there, we headed off to view Bear Den’s Falls in New Salem.

Bear's Den Falls JK

“Bear’s Den Falls” (Joe)


 Using the Phil Ephect

"Bear's Den Falls" (Joe)

“Bear’s Den Falls” (Joe)


Being close to lunch we found a Subway’s. Bernie brought along enough discount coupons for all of us and anyone else in the restaurant! Enjoying the much-needed break were Bill, Ralph, Bernie, Deedee, Ruth, Pat B., both Phils, and me.

Back on the road, the three-car caravan headed into NH and the town of Wilton where the Garwin Falls are situated. We spent the rest of the afternoon here feeding the local mosquitoes and filling up our SD cards.

Deedee GF II

“Garwin’s Falls” (Deedee)

Garwin's Falls

“Garwin’s Falls” (Joe)










Lining up her Shot1737

“Ruth Setting Up Her Shot” (Joe)


Garwin waterfalls (1) RD

“Garwin’s Falls” (Ruth)

"Garwin's Falls" (Ruth)

“Garwin’s Falls” (Ruth)


"Waterfalls Glow" (Ruth)

“Waterfalls Glow” (Ruth)












Tree Close up1732

“”Tree Close-up” (Joe)

Taking It All In 1734

“Downtime” (Joe)












Waterfall PN

“Garwin’s” (Phil N.)


Bernie Candid 1733

“Bernie Candid” (Joe)

Just Bill C W 1735

“Just Bill” (Joe)















Bernie GF 4 W

“Garwin’s” (Bernie)



Ralph and Phil C W 1738

“Ralph and Phil N.” (Joe)



Bernie GF  2W

“Garwin’s Falls” (Bernie)



Tip of the lens cap to Bernie, Deedee, Phil N., Ruth,  and Joe for sharing their images. . .


Thanks to Jeff and Phil for organizing these photo ops. Going along is always informative, educational and a great time to socialize!



Rick Alvarnaz Honored by MA Audubon

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Rick’s  ”Red-breasted Nuthatch” took away an honorable mention from the judges at this year’s MA Audubon Photo contest. Along with the award came a $50 gift card to the Audubon store! Rick will put that to good use there.


Congrats, Rick and thanks for making HDP proud!


“Red-breasted Nuthatch”

Red Breasted Nuthatch Rick