MIT Night Shoot

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Sherri offered to lead anyone interested to a night shoot at MIT. Our destination was the iconic Strata Buildings on Vassar Street.

I have seen many images from here but have never had the opportunity to actually capture them on my own. So Jeff the W., Kathy, Ruth, Sherri, and I met and spent the next two hours walking in and around the complex.

Here are more images from Ruth and me. . .


MIT at Night II - Ruth

MIT at Night II – Ruth


Street View by the Garage - Ruth

Street View by the Garage – Ruth








MIT Stairwell - Joe

MIT Stairwell – Joe




Stairwell II - Joe

Stairwell II – Joe












Stirway to the Sky - Ruth

Stairway to the Sky – Ruth

Strata Complex Rear View - Joe

Strata Complex Rear View – Joe









Street Level - Ruth

Street Level – Ruth

Season Ten Schedule

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More information can be found on the HDP Google Calendar and in your weekly Musings.

Looking forward to another photographic-filled year!

Season X – 2016 / 2017


Programming Schedule



7th – Welcome Back / Summer Assignments I

14th – Summer Assignments II

**19th – Comp I Images due – Nature Wildlife

21st – Summer Assignments III

27th – Image Study images due – Open

28th – Image Study – “Open”



5th – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

12th – Lori Whalen – “Vision for Fine Art

**16th – Competition II Images due Open

19th – Competition I – “Nature – WildlifeDiane Robertson, judge

25th – Image Study images due – Portraiture

26th – Image Study– “Portraiture”



2nd – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

9th –  TBA

**14th – Competition III Images due – Monochromatic

16th – Competition II – “OpenRob DeRobertis, judge

23rd – No Meeting   Happy Thanksgiving

29th – Image Study images due – Creative

30th – Image Study– “Creative”



7th – Annual Holiday Gathering

14th – Competition III – “MonochromaticMike Di Stefano, judge

**18th – Competition IV images due – Nature Non-wildlife

20th – Image Study images due – Architecture

21st  – Image Study– “Architecture”


Happy Hannukah!


(December 24th – January 1st)



Merry Christmas!  Seasons Greetings!  Happy Holidays!  

Happy Kwanza!

Holiday Recess

No meeting on December 28th

Happy New Year!!!





4th – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

11th – 2nd Annual Ocean State Salon Workshop

   Library Prints Needed!

 **14th – Competition V images due – Portraiture

18th – Competition IV – ‘Nature – Non-wildlife”

   Library Prints Needed!

24th – Image Study images due – Abstract

25th – Image Study– “Abstract”



1st  – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

8th – TBA

15th – Competition V – “PortraitureStephen Ostrowski, judge

21st – Image Study images due – Nature / Wildlife

22nd  – Image Study – “Nature / Wildlife”

**23rd – Competition VI images due – Architecture



1st  – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

8th – Nikon vs. Canon Preview

   Library Prints Needed!

15th – 2nd Annual Model Night

22nd  – Competition VI – “ArchitectureLisa Ryan, judge

   Library Prints Needed!

28th – Image Study images due – Nature/Non-wildlife

29th – Image Study– “Nature/Non-wildlife”



5th – First Wednesday – (Basic Photography / Post-processing)

12th – “Light Painting” with Jurgen Lobert

19th –  TBA

25th – Image Study images due – Monochromatic

26th – Image Study – “Monochromatic”



3rd – Canon vs. Nikon 2nd Annual Challenge

10th – End-of-the-Year Social


Summer Hiatus – See you in September!








Phil the N Reflections on the 2016 NECCC Conference!

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Phil Nardozzi was HDP’s recipient of a complimentary registration for the 2016 annual conference at UMASS Amherst. Here are his thoughts on the experience.

Phil N

I was the fortunate winner of this year’s, NECCC Conference weekend in August. It was an inspiring weekend to be surrounded by a several hundred passionate photographers of all levels of experience.You will not leave the Conference, without being more inspired, better educated or both. There is a 3 day schedule of Photography presentations, workshops, print and digital competitions, a famous guest speaker (this year, Art Wolfe), vendors and more. Plus an opportunity to photo shoot the beautiful Pioneer Valley.


I will share one example of how one presentation changed and inspired me toward a new direction of Photography.
The presentation was called “Abstracts with Impact“. The photographer and instructor of many decades Mollie Isaacs made the presentation.

Her siren song to me, “Abstract photos have “no rigid rules, and no restrictions. Discovery is everywhere.” This one-hour presentation, started me, seeing the photographic world in a whole new dimension. This new genre for me has released more creativity than ever before.

This one presentation alone was enough to attend the NECCC Conference.

I hope you will do the same.

I strongly, recommend at least one time to attend a full or partial weekend at the next NECCC Conference (at UMass-Amherst).


Phil N


Some Abstract shots from the Pioneer Valley


02 Abstract 100


03 Abstract104
















01 Abstract 101


02 Abstract102


Abstract Photography

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Abstract Photography


Abstract photography concentrates on shape, form, color, pattern and texture. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object. The subject of the photo is often only a small part of the idea of the image. Viewers may only know the essence of the image subject or understand it by what is implied. Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself.


Often the image will not be a literal view of the subject itself. The abstract tends to bring out some or all of these aspects…

  • Patterns.
  • Textures.
  • Angles.
  • Crop (especially of segments or parts of the whole).
  • Curves.
  • Symmetry.
  • Perspective (especially depth).
  • Reflection.
  • Blur (bokeh).
  • Expression of movement.

Some Abstract examples



th-3          th





























th-2             Leaf Study










Bissell Pond Reflection 4



Grand Prismatic Pool













Sands at Jockey RidgeSabbaday Rapids












Foliage Reflections










Blending Falls