End of the Year Gathering

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Thanks to Jim, Ruth, and Rick for offering to grab candids of the event!


Early Evening – Pre- Eating!

"The Turners!"

“The Turners!”


"When Mariann Speaks. . . ."

“When Mariann Speaks. . . . 



"HDP Rookies Bob and Robert"

“HDP Rookies Bob and Robert”











"Waiting Patiently"

“Waiting Patiently”




"Crunching More Numbers"

“Still Crunching the Numbers”









"Lily Being Lily!"

“Lily Being Lily!”







"HDP Party Goers"

“HDP Party Goers”










"Lynne and Tim"

“Lynne and Tim”






"It's a Guy Thing!"

“It’s a Guy Thing!”















Feeding the Masses!



"Someone Has to Be First!"

“Someone Has to Be First!”

"Strictly Vegetarians" (until they got to the pepperoni!)

“Strictly Vegetarians”
(until they got to the pepperoni!)



The Awards. . . 

"Bernie Triple Play"

“Bernie Triple Play”



"Accepting for Mariann Is"

“Accepting for Mariann Is”










"Quite the Haul, Phil the N!"

“Quite the Haul, Phil the N!”


That’s a Wrap! Say goodnight, People!!

Milling About

2016 Ocean State International Salon

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As I mentioned we did have an excellent turnout from our membership with almost half entering!


Here are some of those Accepted images. . .


Carl’s “You Are Going Down!

"You Are Going Down" - Carl A.

“You Are Going Down” – Carl A.



Rick’s “Green Heron at Rest

"Perched Green Heron" - Rick A.

“Perched Green Heron” – Rick A.



Bernie’s “Barn Owl” and “Snowy Egret”

"Barn Owl" - Bernie C.

“Barn Owl” – Bernie

"Snowy Rgret"

“Snowy Rgret”











Ruth’s “Nine Sheep”


"Nine Sheep" - Ruth L.

“Nine Sheep” – Ruth L.


Kathy’s “Harbor Cruise”


"N. Y. Harbor" - Kathy E.

“N. Y. Harbor” – Kathy E.


Phil H.’s “Alison

"Alison" - Phil H.

“Alison” – Phil H.



Pat I.’s “Erla”


"Erla" Pat I.

“Erla” Pat I.


Joe’s “Enriched Sunflower”

"Enriched Sunflower - Joe"

“Enriched Sunflower – Joe”


Mariann’s “The Potter’s Hands

"Potter's Hands" - Mariann

“Potter’s Hands” – Mariann


Phil N.’s “Under the Zakim”

"Under the Zakim's Tower" - Phil N. Class B

“Under the Zakim’s Tower” – Phil N.


Ron’s “Grey Seal”

"Grey Seal" - Ron

“Grey Seal” – Ron


Jeff T.’s “Joey”

"Joey" - Jef T.

“Joey” – Jef T.



Jim’s “Blue Dasher

"Blue Dasher" - Jim

“Blue Dasher” – Jim




Jeff W’s Reflections

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"Reflections in Cambridge"

“Reflections in Cambridge”


1. opened in lightroom made a few adjustments  used adjustment brush to work on shadow…crop..clarity… sharpen

2. topaz impressions… colored pencil 1 opened up and made adjustments…brough it down to 50% when opened it is 100% i like to take it down anywhere from 50 to 70%   made a few more adjustments vignette where I wanted the light to be plus a few more

3. opened in topaz texture used dingy cream texture adjusted it till I liked it



Hope that helps!    Jeff


Looks like Topaz is another must-have plug-in!



Ruth’s Creative Tips

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“South Station Hustle”


south station hustle




Here’s an explanation of my editing of the South Station shot.
I do a routine batch of edits with images that I put into Photoshop, and many are trial and error. I never record what I do.

I typically make and extra layer in PS and then choose a blend mode that works for what I’m after. In this case I’m guessing I may have blended using “screen”, or possibly I just used the exposure slider or brightness slider to give it more light.

I used a slow shutter speed on this shot, designed to blur motion, so I didn’t sharpen. I didn’t do much else than use Topaz Impressions (a plug-in) to experiment with various artistic filters till I found one that brought up the colors and gave this a vibrant painterly look to reflect the hustle and bustle of the station.


“Into the Dream”


into the dream


Here’s the best I can do for the image of the owl and the tree.

This image is a composite of a tree taken at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary and a snowy owl flying at Plum Island. The owl was not the greatest image so I decided use it to create something magical/mystical.

Tough to remember all that I did and how. It was a while ago and I was just playing around, which is how I tend to edit. I don’t usually note my steps and my memory is wonky. So…

I selected and cut out the owl from it’s image and pasted it onto the tree image, and blended them somehow.

I can’t remember what I did to bring up the color. I may have used a filter in Color Efex Pro ( a plug in) called “Bi-color user defined.” You can select the color palette and placement of colors. I mingled cold and warm colors.

After that, I used the “liquefy” filter in Photoshop to swirl it all around by dragging the brush to create the fluid look I wanted. I was after a surreal feel.