HDP Competitions

Four times each year we hold an intra-club competition.

Images are submitted ahead of time and sent to an external judge for anonymous review.
On competition nights the judges will score and comment on each image.
When submitting images for competition, please follow these directions carefully.
There are two classes: Class B for the less experienced and Class A for those with more experience.
Images submitted for the nature category must folllow the PSA guidelines. (The judges word is final on applying these guidelines.)
Images submitted for the open category may be of any subject, other than nature images as defined above.

You should receive confirmation that your images were accepted shortly after submission.

Because of our more sophisticated image collection system, no images will be allowed after the deadline has been reached! 


2014 / 2015 Competition Standings

Final Standings

Assigned Results

Class B

1stPhil Nardozzi (53 pts.)

2ndCindy Esposito (52.33 pts.)

3rdAl Bandlow and Mariann Moberg (47.67 Pts.) 

Class A

1stJoe Kennedy (54.5 pts.)

2nd - Rich Reynolds (54.33 pts.)

3rdCarl Albro (52.33 pts.)

Open Results

 Class A

1st - Joe Kennedy (56.5 pts.)

2nd - Ruth Douillette and Rich Reynolds (56.33 pts.)

3rd - Carl Albro (54 pts.)


Class B

1st - Deedee Gaudette (56.33 pts.)

2nd - Bernie Creswick (55.33 pts.)

3rd - Cindy Esposito (52.67 pts.) 


Congrats to all who submitted this year. We had the tightest finish in Class A Open and Assigned as First and Second were less than a half point (0.17 pts.) apart! 



2014 – 2015 Images of the Year

Class A Assigned

Class B Assigned

Class B Open

ClassA Open 


 I did a little statistical survey of the End of the Year results and came up with the following:

Class A Open: ten of the twenty-three images were nature with seven of the seven fifteens also nature!

Class B Open: a little more than half (14/26) of the images were nature-related with 2 of the 4 perfect scores nature!

Class B Assigned: only eight of the twenty-eight (about 28%) were nature but two-thirds (2 out of 3) of the fifteens were nature-themed! 

Class A Assigned: 11 of the 28 were nature subjects with five of the eight perfect scores from those nature images! 




2013 / 2014 Competitions

Assigned Results

Open Results


 Congratulations to

Donna Bemis, Ruth Douillette, and Jeff Weinstein

who were unanimously voted into Class A for the 2014 / 2015 season!


2013 – 2014 Images of the Year

Class B Open Images

Class B Assigned Images

Class A Open Images

Class A Assigned Images


2012 / 2013 Competition

And, the Winners Are. . .

Class B

Class A


Top Images of the Year


Open Competition  


Class B

"Winter Wonderland" - Meghan

“Winter Wonderland” – Meghan


 Class A

"Fox with Kit" - Rick

“Fox with Kit” – Rick


"Terns Fighting" - Carl

“Terns Fighting” – Carl











"The Guardian" - George

“The Guardian” – George



Open Scores and Standings


Top Images of the Year


Assigned Competition  


 Class B


"All Smiles" - Dena

“All Smiles” – Dena


"Bruce" - Ruth

“Bruce” – Ruth














 Class A


"Osprey Adding to Nest" - Carl

“Osprey Adding to Nest” – Carl

"Red-Breaster Nuthatch" - Rick

“Red-Breaster Nuthatch” – Rick











"Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy" - Rich

“Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy” – Rich


Assigned Scores and Standings