Diana Burke
HDP Co-Treasurer
HDP Co-Chair of Hospitality Committee

(from Sept. 2010)


I have enjoyed photography all my life. Photography is my creative outlet. Since I crunch numbers for a living (an insurance professional for the last fifteen years), I tend to steer away from the technical aspect of the medium. I think of myself as more of an intuitive photographer, taking photos which inspire me.
I enjoy the image study nights and the perspective from the other club members which has been a great help to me.

I grew up in a rural town south of Worcester, called East Douglas, MA. I have been living in Brockton for the last eleven years with my husband, George. We have been married for twenty years. Recently, we expanded the size of our family with a Morkie puppy (maltese/yorkie). With great restraint all the photos are not of the seven-month old puppy.

I have been studying Martial Arts since April of 2002 and it has taught me to live in balance. I enjoy attending New England car shows with our vintage Mustang. I am often seen with a my camera – a Canon 50D - in tow.


Here are a few snapshots of My Journey - both physically and spiritually...