The Abandoned Factory

January 19, 2010 ---

Jeff T. set up an opportunity for interested members to shoot inside an abandoned factory. About ten of us braved the cold and the deteriorating conditions to get these. Jeff arranged for his friend and model, Kim White, to pose later in the morning.

Shattered Profile - Joe

Electric Chair - Joe

Ice Trax - Joe

Powering It Up! - Joe

Eric Gets Down 'n Dirty for the Shot! - Joe

Jim of EB sent along these:

"Have you seen the shaving cream?" - Jim EB

"The Blood Room" - Jim EB


Jeff's friend and official model for the shoot, Kim White...


Jeff T.

Jeff T.

Jeff T.

Jeff T.

Is that Me? Jeff T.


Diana captured the danger factor in this B&W as the roof joins up with the floor!     


Here are a couple from Pat's morning at the factory. . .


Jeff comes down from his lofty perch to share the shot with Kim.