Lens Night 2010

On a pleasant March evening a vast majority of our membership were joined by four visitors for the first of many nights where some of our club experts offered their time, treasures, and talents.

The first of these gatherings was focused (pun intended) on lenses. Presenting images to support their credentials were Jim West (Landscapes), Rick Alavarnaz (Birds), Jeff Turner (Portraits/Weddings), and Frank Gorga (Macro).

The panel fielded questions from the floor - mostly from Greg.

Jim (Landscape) West showed off some of his prints as he rarely puts things into the digital format for projection. He recently was honored with FOUR perfect scores for his two B&W prints and his two Color prints at Stony Brook. One fifteen is a major accomplishment - imagine what four means!

Jeff Turner (Portrait/Weddings) was next on the program. As Todd Wilson (Weddings) couldn't make it, Jeff filled in admirably! Here, you'll see one of his Senior Portraits projected on the screen. Jeff had more lenses than we could count!

At HDP we are most fortunate to have a resident bird photographer - Rick Alvarnaz.

Rick finds the majority of his feathered photos in the Greater Brockton area! We have been privileged to have Rick present several workshops on bird and flower photography.

Frank Gorga is our go-to guy for macro. He has captured bugs from a canoe, belly-deep water and even a few on terra firma! Many of Frank's images have been part of our Image Study and Juried Nights. I'd like to document one of his shoots - not the bugs but the bugman behind the camera!