Field Trips

Field trips are a semi-organized way for members to get together and shoot! We try to regularly schedule them but at times they are last minute shoots. They are a lot of fun and very educational!       


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Model Shoot with Jeff T. and Meghan

(special thanks to Captain Carl)

"Meghan" - Carl

“Meghan” – Carl

Capt. Carl’s Adventures

"Captain Carl"

“Captain Carl”



Model Shoot with Jeff and Katy        

"Perfect Gentleman"

Katy and Jeff


Day at the Waterfalls with Phil N.

Doane's Falls upper BW W 1607

“Doane’s Falls”


Snowy Owls

"Incoming" - Jeff Turner

“Incoming” – Jeff Turner

Tower Hill Botanical Gardens

"Tulips" - Pat B.

“Tulips” – Pat B.

Model Shoot with Jeff Turner and Crissy

"Crissy" - Phil

“Crissy” – Phil


J U M P !!!

“J U M P !!!” – Joe

Daniel Webster Sanctuary with Rick

"Rick, Phil, Mike, and Ralph looking for the Shot"

“Rick, Phil, Mike, and Ralph looking for the Shot”


HDP’sDay at the Race at PlainRidge Raceway