Holiday Socials

Our first meeting in December has traditionally been the opportunity to sit down and socialize.

The evening starts off with pizza, salad, and beverages.

After the last call for seconds is made, the fun begins – our Yankee Swap!

There is a minimum dollar value for the swap items and that is the only guideline.


Chris D. with her Yankee SwapMy all-time favorite swap item went to Chris, a LIVE LOBSTER!!
Mike was thinking out of the box that night!



2017 Social


Well, about twenty-eight members and their spouses made this year’s HDP Holiday Gathering the most popular ever! Good times were had by all. And, the Yankee Swap lived up to its hype – thanks to Roger. . .


“Making Small Talk”

Thanks to Laura and Judy for coordinating the event.


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2016 Social


His membership has been revoked!

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2015 Social


                       “Hannah’s Pick”


                    “Lily’s Swap”

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2014 Social


                     “Happy HDP Holiday!”    


                    Lily Picks for Her Dad

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2013 Social


                       Happy Holidays 2013!


      “I’m keeping this. . .
                    if my wife lets me!”

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2012 Social


                          “No cutting the line!”

“Meghan’s happiness was ever so fleeting as the reflector found a home several times!”


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