2011 Holiday Social

For 2011, some twenty-eight of us came together to enjoy the food, conversation, music, and the fun of the Yankee Swap. Social Director, Lynne, did an outstanding job coordinating the evening.

Here are some shots from the night:


               The Ohmans - June and Ed



               Joe F. and Bob B. share camera tips.



               Small Talk with Carol, Lynne, Pat, and Rich.



               After Dinner Downtime!



                           Frank and his son, Josh.




                       Latest tech gear with Matt and Jeff T.



            Yankee Swap Table!



             What did Marcia get? Keeping it or trading it?




                          Tim's swap. . .



             Trying to Trade up!



                       Lynne trying to convince Chris that

                      REAL men use Snuggies!