Al Bandlow

HDP Member since 2008





I grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area. With degrees in Electrical

Engineering and Business Administration, I began work in the early

1960’s as a loss prevention engineer for an industrial property

insurance company. I stayed with that organization for 45 years,

held several diverse positions, and moved from Michigan to the

Cleveland area and finally to the Boston area.  My interest in

photography began in the late 1960’s.  I purchased a 35mm camera

and subsequently several lenses.  Business trips to countless cities

and towns throughout the Midwest and vacations to western states and western Canada resulted in many photos during the 60’s and 70’s. 

By 1980, my camera ended up in the back of a closet and soon was

forgotten.  What happened?  Got married, bought a house in West Bridgewater, had two sons, etc.  I no longer had the luxury of spare

time.  Fast forward to mid-2008 (time really did pass quickly); my wife,

Eveyln and I both retired.  The kids graduated from college, have been working for several years, and no longer live at home.  Within a month

of retiring I bought a digital camera and began the journey of relearning photography.  (Might take me the next 30 years to master it.)  I still

do not have much spare time.  There’s a long list of household projects

Evelyn reminded me of that I never got to when I was working. 

Additionally, I’m involved in numerous other activities including duties

as a Church Treasurer.  The last two images represent the start of two

recent projects at home.


The following images represent some efforts to date. 




                         "Creating Bubbles"








                               "Yellow Rhodendron"













"Thirty Years of Happy Valentine's Day, Dear!"


                                            "Maine Sunrise"


                 "Jonathan's Wedding"          


And, now about those home projects. . .


     "The Stone Wall"


"Bathroom Remodel"




 "Snow Stripes"