Jac MacDonald





 since 2007


My 1st camera was a Kodak Retina IIIc with

55mm lens

Fifty-four years of taking pictures. . .


It all began out of utter boredom. I was on temporary

duty in Newfoundland, flush with money making

$222 a month! I was unable to drink it all up so I

bought a good camera .

And the rest, as they say, is history .

I carried that camera and it’s replacement for the

next 21 years behind the  Iron Curtain, in combat

over the Ho Chi Minh trail, and 48 countries

along the way .



Proudly serving our country!


Stationed in Bangor , ME - Dow AFB - 1957 - 1962




1963 Rouen, France - Marian and I would picnic at this site.

Vienna sausag, Ritz crackers, and a bottle of wine .



Berlin at the height of the cold war - looking into East Berlin .


Stationed at Evreux AB, Normandy France - 1962 - 1964.

Supplied all United States’ interests from Norway in the north to

Kenya in the south, east to India, and all points in between .

Prime responsibility - keep the Berlin corridors open!




1964 - Athens and the Acropolis





1967 - Fort Bragg, NC

experimental dropincluding 

6  - 100 ft. parachutes,

23,000 # armored personnel carrier, 

and a tactical nuclear weapon.




1971 - 72  Ubon Royal Thai Airbase AC

130 gunship in a revetment

One of the planes I navigated in Southeast Asia

during the Vietnam conflict

(as it was called)



Refueling the F-100 fighter





Our daughter Michelle on a 100 mile endurance race.



Back in the USA. . .


The White House

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona



Bryce Canyon






Jac and Marian on Mt. Hood




Tout est finis!