Karen Thompson








 since 2007


Personal and educational photo documentation has evolved throughout my life.

This quote from a former student in her elementary school yearbook is dear to me.

“My best memory is of Mrs. Thompson who was the

best photographer and she told us about the

wonderful things she did around the world.” S.B.

After reading, photo journalist Deborah Copaken Koganʼs

memoir, Shutterbabe, I bought my Leica M6 in 2001.

Cameras have allowed me to give myself permission to seek beauty and nourish my spirit.

Since July 2009, I have written this three line Korean sijo to accompany my Canon 50D digital photos.

    Does the viewfinder enhance or limit each beautiful
    unfocused or focused moment with visionary clarity?
    Decisions mechanically lost; soulfully embedded.

    Image study paradoxes zoom in and out of focus.
    Subjective opinions evaluate revealed intrinsic moments.
    Imprint each divine living breath with your authenticity.

Sky and open horizon immersion fills me with unlimited

freedom for imagining all possibilities by expecting

breathtaking opportunities at the next sunrise or sunset.

May you feel the bliss.




“The sky is the daily bread of the imagination.”
                                                             ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~