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"Male Bluebird"


Rick’s BioRick Alvarnaz


I am currently employed as a home care supervisor at Old Colony Elder Services. I reside in Brockton with my loving wife and our daughter.


My greatest inspiration in photography has always been the outdoors and nature photography. I also have been busy with my part time business as a wedding, portrait, and special event photographer.

I began seriously to pursue photography in my twenties with a Pentax K-1000 35 mm SLR and a couple of basic lenses. In the beginning I was heavily into shooting landscapes but eventually gravitated toward bird and macro photography. Even though these earlier photos encouraged me to continue, it took me years to be consistently satisfied with my photography.

Surprisingly, I was a long-time film holdout as I exhibited slides and prints until I felt that the quality of digital imaging was where it needed to be for me to make the switch. Now, shooting entirely in the digital format, I enjoy the immediacy of the images, as well as the control I have over the nuances of each image in the digital darkroom.

Here is a sample of some of my favorite recent nature photos…





"The Cardinal"



             "Yellow Crowned"





     "Mallard in Grass"




              "Redtail Hawk"         



"Sandhill Crane"





                                   "Painted Lady











                           "Joe Pye Weed in the Fall"