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 since 2010







I have lived on the South Shore my whole life. I dabbled in

photography after graduating from high school in 1969 but never

really took it too seriously.  I attended the New England School of Photography in the mid 70’s where I learned darkroom techniques,

studio shooting of products and some basic portrait lighting. I had many

of my photos critiqued and had a fun time while attending that school.

After the fun of school had ended it was time to go to work. I spent the

next 20-plus years working for area printers as an offset

camera/stripper, all film. Until a few years ago the film went away

and digital moved in. At that time I decided to join the rest of the world

and go digital. My darkroom is no more filling the basement with

chemicals and trays. Now it can be found on the computer. My film Nikkormat has been replaced by my Nikon digital. My position of

20 years has been replaced by a computer job. So I find myself

looking to the people at HDP to help me convert my film knowledge

to digital.

Here are few of my earlier images (film scanned to digital) of the

family growing up, as at the time that was pretty much what I found

myself shooting. I can't recall too many photos of me as I was on the

taking side of the camera. 

These are actually pages of a book I had made of the family.


As you can see from the images below,

family is EVERYTHING to Tom!







I have it on reliable sources that there IS a Tom portrait

in the above collages!


























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