Image Study




Generally, the deadline for image study nights is midnight on the Sunday before the meeting at which images will be projected.

Deadlines for submission of images appear on the HDP Calendar.

Images will not be accepted after the deadline or on the evening of the meeting.


Categories Defined. . .

     In an attempt to challenge our photographic capabilities, the HDP

     Competition Committee has decided to include three genres for this

     year's Image Study Nights. Portraiture, Monochromatic, and   

     Architectural images will be assigned throughout the 2011/2012

     Season with the understanding that they will be part of the 2012/2013

     Competition categories.

     Click on this link to learn more about the categories:

     Genres Defined   


File Naming...



The coordinator must deal with a large number of image submissions in a short time.

Thus, in an effort to make the collection of images for projection run smoothly we have instituted file naming conventions for each of the two types of image reviews.

Following these conventions will make the life of the coordinator much easier!

For “image study nights”, files should simply be named:







Thus, if Jane Smith was submitting images the files would be named:






Image Preparation...




In order for your image to look its best when projected at a club meeting, it needs to be sized to fit our projector.

Currently images need to fit within an area 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.

It is highly recommended that you re-sharpen your images after resizing them.

If you need help with these procedures more detailed instructions can be found by clicking here.




Send your resized files to