Karen shares the image she just took of HDP's First Model, Ashley during Jim West's Portraiture Night. His tutorial on portraits was most informative. Jeff T. saved the night by convincing Ashley's Dad, Dave, to bring her over to pose.


Listening to knowledgeable critiques of images (both your own and others) is one of the best ways to form an understanding of what makes a great photograph and to therefore begin the process of making your own photographs better.

Thus, we offer two different types of review sessions: “image study nights” and “competitions”.

Everyone (from beginner to advanced photographer) is encouraged to submit images for both types of review. Every effort will be made to ensure that comments are in the vein of constructive criticism.

On image study nights we project images with the maker of each image saying a few words about the image. The audience is then encouraged to make helpful comments about the image. If the maker is not present, that image will be passed without comment.

On competition nights, images are projected and an outside judge (who has studied the images previously) scores and critiques each one.

Each member is limited to two images per session.

Images are submitted to our coordinators (Dick, Bill D.and Ralph) by email

There are strict guidelines for naming and resizing files. The coordinator will offer help and advice on these procedures but the ultimate responsibility for image submission lies with each member.