HDP Inter-Club Competitions


For the 2011/2012 season the competition committee decided to expand our competition interests to go beyond our doors and into the world of inter-club competitions.

We have broken the ice with our involvement in the Glennie and the NECCC Circuit but now it is time to extend our talents further.


Both PSA and NECCC offer several opportunities to submit images for open and / or nature categories. So which competitions? And, when are they happening?? And, how are we selecting our entries???

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   Annual GLI




It's always a very busy night when HDP readies itself for the Greater Lynn. As you can see here, we had a full house as about a majority of our members submitted images for the salon!

Results are in for the 2011 GLI  (2010 results):


Overall finish 13th Place  (NINTH)

Participation in Greater Lynn Int. Best 61% (83%)

Acceptances 18   (26)
    from 13 different members  (19)

Multiple Acceptances 4  (7)

GLI Acceptances

2010 GLI





The Glennie

Each year HDP is invited to participate in the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon.

The Competition Committee has decided to use the Nature Class A and Class B Images of the Year as our entries.

2011 Results:

     HDP finished in a tie for 79th place - with 109 clubs competing.

     Steph's "Bridal Falls" earned a Merit Award for Landscapes / Waterscapes

    Club Individual Results


Our Glennie entries for the

2011 Glennie

2010 Glennie

2009 Glennie