Inter-Club Competitions and Individual Salons

HDP Inter-Club Competitions 


At the start of the 2011/2012 season the Competition Committee decided to expand our interests to go beyond our doors and into the world of inter-club competitions. We began with baby steps by entering the Glennie Nature International. Using images that were judged in previous nature competitions, we submitted our best ten (10) from Class A and Class B. Some members have been awarded medals while many others received Acceptances (judged in the top 25% of those submitted) over the years. 
With this confidence boost, we looked into both the PSA and NECCC Inter-club Competitions. Both organizations offer several opportunities to submit images for Open and Nature categories.


In 2017 we expanded our interests to include the NECCC Inter-club Color Print Competitions!


PSA and NECCC Inter-club Competition Awards

HDP Ribbons W


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 HDP Inter-club Competitions


2016 – 2017 Interclub Season


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NECCC Inter-club Competition

Another year has wrapped up for the NECCC Inter-club Competitions and HDP fared very well!

In the Pictorial Division, we took third place!

Spring Pictorial Honorable Mention for Joe’s “Sunrise at Otter Rocks

In the Nature Division, we finished a most respectable 13th place – despite having an image disqualified!

Ruth’s “Sundown at Yosemite” brought home another Honorable Mention!

Winter Class B Pictorial 2nd Place Winner


Diane Mc.’s “Musical Reflections

NECCC Color Print


Results from the third and final NECCC Inter-club competitions are in and we finished a most respectable 193 points. Bernie’s “Cedar Waxing Snack was awarded a third place!

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“Cedar Waxwing Snacks” – Bernie


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Winter Top Vote Winner

“Northern Flicker Landing” – Carl Albro



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Our top vote-getter was Carl whose “Loon Carrying Baby” earned 13 pts. and an Honorable Mention


2015 / 2016 Competitions

Final Standings

The New England Camera Club Council has wrapped up its inter-club competitions for both pictorial and nature competitions. Hockomock Digital finished in the top of both divisions! With twenty-four clubs submitting entries, HDP took THIRD PLACE in the Pictorial Division while a very impressive FOURTH PLACE finish was our resting spot in the Nature section! Two Points separated our third place from being on top!

Jeff T.’s “Symphony of Fire” continues to amaze all who view it. The judges for this final round singled it out with a 2nd Place Award!


"Symphony of Fire" - Jeff T.

“Symphony of Fire” – Jeff T.



NECCC and PSA Results


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Glennie Nature Salon         

Glennie 2016 Merit Award Winner!

Carl’s “You Are Going Down!

"You Are Going Down" - Carl A.




Individual Salons


One of our first group ventures was into the world of the International Salon. Back in Year One, we ran a workshop for anyone interested in submitting to the Greater Lynn International Salon. The Wednesday evening session paid off well with numerous acceptances! We recently added the Ocean State International to our repertoire of salons. Sadly, in 2015 those involved in the Greater Lynn have decided to terminate future salons. 

The OSI is an individual competition, sponsored by the Photographic Society of Rhode Island, where you select you best four (4) images of any genre. There is a nominal fee for entering. Details will be available as soon as we find out the deadlines and any changes.

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Individual Salons


Ocean State 2016

About 43% of our membership submitted images for the OSI. Thirteen of us were awarded Acceptances. Phil H. garnered a Medal for his “Ontario Stairway


01 Ontario Stairway

“Ontario Stairway” Phil Holt


For more Ocean State International Salon images and results – click here!




Results of past competitions – click below

Ocean State International Salon 

Greater Lynn International Salon



Here are some of the stations:

Station One: Jim, Judy, and Pat

Station One: Jim, Judy, and Pat



Station Two: Phil N., Phil H., Carl, and Bernie

Station Two: Phil N., Phil H., Carl, and Bernie












Station Four: Lena, Deedee, Rick, and Ruth

Station Four: Lena, Deedee, Rick, and Ruth

Station Five: Mariann, Jeff T., and Kathy

Station Five: Mariann, Jeff T., and Kathy











Tip of the lens cap to those who brought in their computers and managed the various stations!