Inter-Club Competitions

HDP Inter-Club Competitions and International Salons


For the 2011/2012 season the competition committee decided to expand our competition interests to go beyond our doors and into the world of inter-club competitions. One of our first group ventures was into the world of the International Salon. Back in Year One, we ran a workshop for anyone interested in submitting to the Greater Lynn International Salon. The Wednesday evening session paid off well with numerous acceptances! We recently added the Ocean State International to our repertoire of salons.

We have broken the ice with our involvement in the Glennie and the NECCC Circuit but now it is time to extend our talents further.


Both PSA and NECCC offer several opportunities to submit images for open and / or nature categories. So which competitions? And, when are they happening?? And, how are we selecting our entries???


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2014 / 2015 Inter -club 

2015 Glennie Results

We slipped a lot from last year’s commendable 26th place finish. I believe one of the reasons was the limited number of images from which we could select – we had just the one Nature competition. So for 2015 HDP landed tied for 40th place with a grand total of 229 points. We did have four Acceptances in the mix:

25 pts.

Joe’s “Gordon of Maine

Rich’s “An Intimate Moment“ 

24 pts.

Ruth’s “Birds of a Feather

Cindy’s “Sunrise Stones

2015 Greater Lynn International Salon

Results came back from the final GLI Salon. HDP amassed 311 points for the last go-round of the Greater Lynn. Thanks to all who did submit. We placed 13th – just about the middle of the pack.

Congrats to Rich as his “Swan Lake Dahlia” took home the “Botany Medal!”

Swan Lake Dahlia

Year Ranking  Points Entrants  Acceptances Honors
2011 13th 309 pts. 34 18 / 12.5% 0
2012 10th 317 pts. 27 19 / 17.5% 3
2013 8th 318 pts. 23 24 / 26% 3
2014 Not  Run
2015 13th 311 pts. 20 15 / 19% 1 Medal


Acceptances (15) were:
Carl (2)
Bill (1)
Bernie (1)
Ruth (2)
Deedee (1)
Joe (2)
Mariann (2)
Rich (3)
Lena (1)

The top seven accumulated scores were figured into our 311 points:

Rich – 52 pts.
Carl  - 46
Joe – 44
Mariann – 44
Ruth – 42
Ralph – 42
Bernie – 41


Alas, all good things must come to an end and 2015 marked the final time that the GLI will be held. This is an individual competition where those interested may submit four images of any genre.

HDP takes this event one step further by conducting a workshop for our members to get assistance in the selection process. This year we had twenty club photographers assigned to the five computer stations which were managed by more seasoned members. We try to assign interested members  to a station depending on which editing program they use. A mini-image study then transpired with members getting support and suggestions on how to improve upon an image. At the end of the night those who came with ten images left with their Final Four

Here are some of the stations:

Station One: Jim, Judy, and Pat

Station One: Jim, Judy, and Pat



Station Two: Phil N., Phil H., Carl, and Bernie

Station Two: Phil N., Phil H., Carl, and Bernie










Station Three; Ron, Ralph, Rich, Bill, and Al

Station Three; Ron, Ralph, Rich, Bill, and Al





Station Four: Lena, Deedee, Rick, and Ruth

Station Four: Lena, Deedee, Rick, and Ruth






Station Five: Mariann, Jeff T., and Kathy

Station Five: Mariann, Jeff T., and Kathy











Tip of the lens cap to those who brought in their computers and managed the various stations!


2014 Ocean State International

Improvements All Around!

Once again, Hockomock Digital had an impressive showing for this annual international salon as 42% of our membership competed! By my facts and figures, we had the best response (percentage-wise) from a club! With 27 clubs in the overall competition, HDP finished just above the middle of the pack at #12. Our combined score of 267 points put us just three behind South Shore Camera Club in Quincy.


Compared to our last entry in the OSI, we improved dramatically all around:


                                    2012                      2013                            2014                                            
Entrants 12 8 17  
% Entered 24% 16% 42%  
Aggregate Score 264 242 267  
Finished 10th / 19 clubs  14th / 19 clubs 12th / 27 clubs  
Acceptances 12 5 17  
Highest Aggregate Rich’s 47 Joe’s 44 Joe’s 47  


As for Acceptances (images that garnered 12 or more points) we had seventeen. Here is the breakdown:

Three (3)


Two (2)





 One (1)




     Pat I.





2013 / 2014  PSA Nature Inter-club Competition

The PSA Nature Inter-club competition for 2014 has ended. Hockomock Digital competes in Class B with thirty-eight other clubs world-wide! For most of the year we have been in the top ten.

Good News /Bad News

Good News:

Round IV earned HDP enough points to tie for eighth place! Carl’s “Loon with Crab earned an honorable mention!

Loon with Crab

More Good News we tied for third place only one point out of second!

Bad News:

PSA has promoted us to Class A with the likes of Greater Lynn, Merrimack Valley, Cape Cod Viewfinders, and Boston West! 




2014 Glennie Nature Competition


Each year HDP is invited to participate in the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon.

The Competition Committee has decided to use the Nature Class A and Class B Images of the Year as our entries.


Well, the results are in and Hockomock Digital made a huge leap from its 46th place finish in 2013 to 26th this time around! Oddly enough, we scored almost one hundred points less but still managed to sit in a tie for 26th place with our 179 points.


The Glennie continues to draw international interest, as eighty-five clubs entered this year’s competition. HDP finished in the upper third of the popular inter-club salon which was quite an accomplishment.


Also, HDP garnered two Merit Awards:

Rick’s “Red-Breasted Nuthatch” took the award in the Perched Bird genre



Rich’s “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy” was so honored for the Large Carnivore 

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy_Rich_Reynolds



2013 Results:

HDP finished 46th out of 98 clubs competing.

Four Acceptances – Carl (2), Rich (1), and Carol (1)

2012 Results;

HDP did not submit images.

2011 Results:

HDP finished in a tie for 79th place – with 109 clubs competing.

Steph’s “Bridal Falls” earned a Merit Award for Landscapes / Waterscapes




2013 / 2014 PSA PID Inter-club Competition

HDP is tied for Fifth Place!

HDP competes in Group E with thirty-three other clubs. Round One’s November competition awarded us 60 points. For Round Two we scored 57 points – good enough for a tie for fifth place. Round Three was our best as we garnered 66 points (two Honorable Mentions).

Jeremie’s “Forgotten Pottery” HM

Forgotten Pottery











Carl’s “Under Construction” HM

Under Construction













2013 PSA Nature Inter-club Competition

Six images from our End-of-the-Year Competition were selected to compete in the October Round. HDP is one of thirty-five clubs in Class B. The scores from our submitted images are tallied up to determine our place in the standings. Our aggregate score was 71 points which meant a most respectable tie for FOURTH PLACE! Just ONE point out of third and two from finishing second. Here is the breakdown but first let’s acknowledge our top finishers:

Rich’s “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!” which amassed a perfect fifteen points and earned an Award of Merit

Carl’s “Osprey Adding to Nest” garnered 13 points and an Honorable Mention


Joe’s “Otter Rocks at Sunrise” (12); Ruth’s “Mule Deer Meal” (11 points); Carl’s “Terns Fighting” and Rich’s “Tundra Wolf” (10 points) rounded out the scoring. 



2013 Annual Greater Lynn International Workshop

If it’s January, it has to be the Greater Lynn International workshop at HDP! Once again we set up five stations with members who are more experienced in submitting for this salon. Interested members were asked to bring in eight to ten potential images to be reviewed at their station. Counting in the station masters, we had about twenty-one HDPers entering the 2013 competition. Here are a few of who were there and who was doing what. . .

Station One – Donna, Lena, George, Dick, and Rick










Station Two – Lynne, Jame, Gail, Al, and Ron






Station Two – Ron and Carl








Station Three – Pat, Rich, Ed, Kathy K., and David








Station Four – Jeff T., Kathy E., and Maghan (Matt was off-cam








Station Five – Steph, Jeff W., Jim, Phil, and Mike









Jac and Marian sitting this one out. . .


2013 Greater Lynn International Salon Results

The workshop paid dividends as 2013 was our best year to date! Some 5600 images were reviewed by the GLI panel of judges. HDP finished 9th out of 46 clubs. As a club we had 23 Acceptances and garnered three Greater Lynn Photographer’s Association Honor AwardsRuth Douillette, Joe Kennedy, and George Morse.

"Caretaker's Cat" - Ruth

“Caretaker’s Cat” – Ruth




"Enriched Sunflower" - Joe

“Enriched Sunflower” – Joe


"The Guardian" - George

“The Guardian” – George












Here is a breakdown of how HDP did in comparison to previous years. . .



Year Ranking  Points Entrants  Acceptances Honors
2011 13th 309 pts. 34 18 / 12.5% 0
2012 10th 317 pts. 27 19 / 17.5% 3
2013 8th 318 pts. 23 24 / 26% 3




2012 Ocean State International Salon 

Ten HDP members decided to compete in this annual event sponsored by Photographic Society of Rhode Island. We finished in the middle of the pack of contributing clubs amassing 264 points.


Acceptances were earned by Rich (3), Rick (3), Joe (3), Carl (1), Ron (1), and Lynne (1). Rich was the top scorer for HDP with a total aggregate of 47 points!


2012 Ocean State Results