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Welcome, new and prospective members!


Thinking of joining Hockomock Digital Photographers?

Or, already a member but still a little confused by the big picture?


Then, here’s the place to start. . .


Q. When and where do you meet?

A. The club meets every Wednesday evening from 7:30 to about 9:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the East Bridgewater Library at 32 Union Street. The entrance is at the back of the library and the meeting room is downstairs. Our season runs from September to May.  

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Q. What photographic experience do I need? What experience do others in the club have?

A. You need no experience whatsoever.  HDP has members of all experience levels:

  • Beginners: members who are just getting their feet wet and learning what a fun hobby this can be
  • Intermediate: members who have been around cameras for a while but still have the desire to learn and grow
  • Advanced: members who make their living in photography

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Q. What does the club offer?

A. Based on our annual survey, the club offers a variety of programs at differing levels of photography targeted to meet the interests of our members. You will have an opportunity to learn how to improve your photography and post processing skills; get feedback from our monthly image study nights; enter your photos in the club’s competitions; and display your framed prints in surrounding library exhibits. We plan field trips where techniques and tips are shared. 


Q. What are the club’s expectations of me as a new member?

A. There are no expectations – other than an interest in photography. However, we hope you become involved in the various club activities we offer and attend as many meetings as possible. 


Q- What kind of a camera do I need?

A. There is no camera requirement at all. We believe photography starts with the eye, not the equipment. Anything that records a digital image is just fine, including iPhones. The majority of members, however, have dSLRs, as we are a digital camera club.


Some of the terms that are mentioned in this introduction and on the website are further explained here:


Image Study: Image study is a great opportunity to improve your photo ability. Members submit via the Internet two images to be projected on Image Study night. Members may offer suggestions for improvement or point out what works successfully to make an image more impactful. Image study is a great learning experience and is helpful for fine-tuning images for competitions.

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Club Competition: We schedule six club competitions each year. Each competition is based on a specific photographic genre. Members’ images are judged within their respective class: Class A or Class B. Outside judges are recruited to critique the images and assign a score. Competition is more formal than image study but equally as informative and helpful in learning what makes images stand out. 

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Photographic Genres: The various genres we focus on in club competitions are: portraiture, architecture, monochromatic, and nature. We also have a creative category for Image Study only. 

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Library Prints: The club displays framed prints at local libraries on a rotating basis. Libraries include East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Abington, Raynham, and Pembroke. Members are encouraged to frame prints for exhibiting.

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First Wednesdays: This year we will be returning to the basics. With the addition of many new members, the planning committee felt it was time to offer some basic camera operation. 


Socials:  Traditionally we hold a holiday party in December highlighted with food and a Yankee Swap. To close out the HDP season, an end-of the year get-together has been held. This is an opportunity for fun and food with photo friends and family. End of the year competition awards are given out at this time. 

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Meet our HDP New Members’ Committee 



Ruth: Current Vice-President, member of the Library Exhibit Committee and New Members’ Committee 

 Ruth Douillette


 Ellen: New Members’ Committee 



 Judy: New Members’ Committee and Hospitality Committee



Mariann: Member of the Field Trip Committee and New Members’ Committee

 mariann I 


As stated earlier, at HDP no experience is needed. However, to make your HDP experience worthwhile we do expect members to:

  • Have an interest in photography
  • Attend meetings on a regular basis


Annual dues are presently $35 while full-time high school students are assessed at $15 for the year.

We meet every Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. starting in September and winding up in May at the East Bridgewater Public Library.